OSI Corporate Sponsors & Support

The following companies are generously supporting the OSI.

Interested in sponsoring, or partnering with, the OSI? We hope you'll review our sponsorship opportunities, and contact the OSI to find out more about how your company can promote open source development, communities and software.

AdBlock Plus | Amazon Web Services | Cisco | Command Prompt | Craigslist Charitable Fund | Cumulus Networks
Digital Ocean | {code} | Facebook | Github | Gratipay | Google | Heptio | IBM
Indeed | Intel | Microsoft | Percona | Rocket.Chat | SalesAgility | USB Memory Direct

Deciso | Engineering Group | Hipper.com
Linux Foundation | Linux Fund | Mozilla Foundation | SerenataFlowers.com

While the OSI is very grateful for their support, the OSI does not endorse these or any other companies.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Open Source Initiative (OSI)

  • California 501(c)3 non-profit raising awareness and adoption of open source software (OSS) through advocacy, education and building bridges between communities.
  • The pragmatic community organization that understands how developers, businesses, governments, and open source interact.
  • Steward of the Open Source Definition, globally recognized body for approving OSS licenses.

Sponsorship Goals

  • Corporate use of, and participation in open source development is vital to overall success.
  • Provide a open and transparent mechanism to allow corporations to show support for open source software, its development, and the activities of the OSI.
  • Increase the diversity of stakeholders and viewpoints within the OSI & among OSS community.
  • Raise funds for the operations of the OSI.

Use of Funds

  • Continue OSI's core activities per our Bylaws: education, advocacy, community building ...and, of course, continue our license certification programs.
  • Mature as a sustainable organization ensuring operational constancy and program continuity.
  • Maintain a (small) professional staff.


  • Corporate support consists of annual donations to the OSI.
  • Contributions vary by the annual corporate revenue from the total of all affiliated companies.
  • Sponsorship tiers makes it affordable for smaller companies to show their support of the OSI.
  • Our goal is to create a large and diverse corporate membership.

The OSI recognizes the donations and support of our Corporate Sponsors through acknowledgements in all OSI events (conferences meet-ups, etc.), communications (mailing lists, newsletters, social media, etc.) and publications (brochures, reports, websites, etc.).

Annual Corporate Revenues Annual Donation

Greater than $250 million...$20,000
Greater than $100 million but less than or equal to $250 million$15,000
Greater than $50 million but less than or equal to $100 million$10,000
Greater than $10 million but less than or equal to $50 million$7,500
Greater than $5 million but less than or equal to $10 million$5,000
Greater than $1 million but less than or equal to $5 million$2,500
Less than $1 million$1,000
These contributions are in United States Dollars.