Defining Open Source AI

The time has come to have a clear definition

We’re driving a multi-stakeholder process to define an “Open Source AI”

To simplify software development

We define Open Source

The Open Source Definition is the foundation of the modern software ecosystem. We build a world where the freedoms and opportunities of Open Source software can be enjoyed by all.

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The leading voice on the policies and principles of open source

Protecting the Open Source ecosystem

We support institutions and individuals working together to create communities of practice in which the healthy open source ecosystem thrives. Community Finds New Life With the Open Source Initiative launched as a new home for Open Source writers and editors formerly contributing to The post Community Finds New Life With the Open Source Initiative appeared first on Voices of Open Source.
To trust AI, it must be open and transparent. Period.
People started thinking, “We love Open Source software, so, let’s have Open Source AI, too.”  But what is Open Source AI? And the answer is: we don’t know yet. The post To trust AI, it must …
Open Source Initiative Hosts 2nd Deep Dive AI Event, Aims to Define ‘Open Source’ for AI
The Open Source Definition isn’t directly applicable to AI systems, so global experts will gather to establish shared principles to protect the values of Open Source during this period of hyper growth in AI technology. The …
The Approved Open Source Licenses never looked better
The Open Source community needs a resource to confidently and easily identify licenses that have gained OSI approval, and now they have it. This Approval Registry offers a comprehensive and authoritative listing of all licenses so …

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GOSIM 2023

Shanghai (China)
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KubeCon CloudNativeCon Open Source Summit China 2023

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Deep Dive: AI Webinar Series (2023)

Starts September 26, 2023 then every Tuesday until October 13, 2023

As part of our Deep Dive:AI, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) is gathering a diverse collection of leaders to collaborate in drafting a definition for “Open Source AI.” Speakers from

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Most of OSI’s board of directors are elected by individual members and Affiliate organizations.

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