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By Mike Linksvayer on 29 Sep 2022

GitHub is sponsoring Open Source Initiative’s Deep Dive: AI because we think it’s important for the community to unpack how open source software, process, and principles can help best deliver on the promise of AI.

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By Javier Perez on 28 Sep 2022

The second annual collaborative surve and report on the state of Open Source software, with OpenLogic and OSI.

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By OSI Staff on 21 Sep 2022

This month, we’re pleased to spotlight one of our sponsors, Atlantic.Net, and learn why Open...

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By OSI Staff on 13 Sep 2022

In this episode, Stefano Maffulli, executive director of the Open Source Initiative, and Mo Zhou, AI research expert and Debian developer, examine the key components of artificial intelligence systems and how those components by their very nature complicate the idea of AI software that is truly open source.

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By Deb Bryant on 12 Sep 2022

I’m pleased to share the news that I’ve accepted the role of US Policy Director...

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By OSI Staff on 8 Sep 2022

We are slowly, but surely starting to return to in person events. Our next stop...

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