Open Source Education

About Education in OSI

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) actively promotes open source software by educating developers, decision makers, and users about the advantages of open source software and collaboration techniques. OSI's members are active in the core open source development communities as well as in government, academic and industry circles, helping to educate people about open source. As part of its mandate on education, OSI members deliver presentations about open source technologies, collaboration techniques, and community building at conferences and seminars across the world. OSI Board members and individual members have also conducted workshops as well as short and long courses on open source concepts, techniques, and technologies.

OSI's Education Committee focuses on the use and teaching of open source software in the educational context, from high school through graduate and post-graduate levels. The Education Committee is responsible for developing, arranging, and conducting educational conferences, programs, courses of instruction, and online educational seminars covering open source software, licensing, and communities.

The committee chairperson currently is Prof. Tony Wasserman. Additionally, the members of osi-edu-discuss at also participate in the discussions around education.

The FLOSSCC Network

The International Network of Free/Libre/Open Source Software Competence Centers, or FLOSSCC network, is a collaborative network of FLOSS Competence Centers around the world that promote Open Source in their respective geographical regions. Most of the Competence Centers have Education as one of its major focuses and many of them are hosted in universities and educational institutions. You may join their mailing list if you want to collaborate with them or even create your own Competence Center in your region.

Presentations developed by OSI on Open Source

  • The Open Source Ecosystem, Fabio Kon and Bruno Souza, 2012. Some simple Creative Commons-licensefd material that you can use to prepare and give your own lecture about Open Source. You may download the slides and customize them as you wish. Feel free also to watch this video where the authors give an informal talk about what is Open Source and how people can get involved in the movement. You may use the video as an inspiration for your own talks about Open Source in your community and/or your region.
  • Learn About Open Source - An Introduction to Open Source at 20000 feet, December 2008, Alolita Sharma. (short, 10 slides presentation)
  • Why Whinging Doesn't Work, OSCON 2008 , Danese Cooper
  • The Adoption-Led Market and its Consequences, GoOpen 2008, Oslo, Simon Phipps
  • Open source is hip not hype, GNUnify 2007, Pune, Alolita Sharma
  • Open Standards, IT Conversations, 2006, San Francisco, Danese Cooper
  • The Zen of Free, 2006, Australia, Simon Phipps
  • Participation Age Software, JavaOne 2005, Tokyo, Simon Phipps
  • Open Source panel, Grace Hopper 2004 Women in Computing, Danese Cooper