Deep Dive: AI Webinar Series (2023)

Starts September 26, 2023 then every Tuesday until October 13, 2023
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As part of our Deep Dive:AI, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) is gathering a diverse collection of leaders to collaborate in drafting a definition for “Open Source AI.” Speakers from law, academia, NGOs, enterprise, and the OSS community will present webinars addressing pressing issues and potential solutions in our development and use of AI systems. 

As the leading voice on the policies and principles of Open Source, OSI is the steward of the Open Source Definition, the foundation of the modern software ecosystem. The time has come for a shared set of principles to create the permission-less, pragmatic, and simplified Definition of Open Source AI. 

Video recordings

The Turing Way Fireside Chat: Who is building Open Source AI?
Jennifer Ding, Arielle Bennett, Anne Steele, Kirstie Whitaker, Marzieh Fadaee, Abinaya Mahendiran, David Gray Widder, Mophat Okinyi

Operationalising the SAFE-D principles for Open Source AI
Kirstie Whitaker

Commons-based data governance
Alek Tarkowski, Zuzanna Warso

Preempting the Risks of Generative AI: Responsible Best Practices for Open-Source AI Initiatives
Monica Lopez, PhD

Data privacy in AI
Michael Meehan

Perspectives on Open Source Regulation in the upcoming EU AI Act
Katharina Koerner

Data Cooperatives and Open Source AI
Tarunima Prabhakar, Siddharth Manohar

Fairness & Responsibility in LLM-based Recommendation Systems: Ensuring Ethical Use of AI Technology
Rohan Singh Rajput

Challenges welcoming AI in openly-developed open source projects
Thierry Carrez, Davanum Srinivas, Diane Mueller

Opening up ChatGPT: a case study in operationalizing openness in AI
Andreas Liesenfeld, Mark Dingemanse

Open source AI between enablement, transparency and reproducibility
Ivo Emanuilov, Jutta Suksi

Federated Learning: A Paradigm Shift for Secure and Private Data Analysis
Dimitris Stripelis

Should OpenRAIL licenses be considered OS AI Licenses?
Daniel McDuff, Danish Contractor, Luis Villa, Jenny Lee

Copyright — Right Answer for Open Source Code, Wrong Answer for Open Source AI?
McCoy Smith

Should we use open source licenses for ML/AI models?
Mary Hardy

Covering your bases with IP Indemnity
Justin Dorfman, Tammy Zhu, Samantha Mandell

The Ideology of FOSS and AI: What “Open” means relating to platforms and black box systems
Mike Nolan


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