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The Open Policy Alliance is designed to bring non-profit organizations together to participate in educating and informing US public policy decisions related to Open Source software, content, research, and education.  

Responding to increased demand for public dialog and thoughtful stakeholder engagement in these adjacent and related “open domains”.


New regulations in the software industry and adjacent areas such as AI and data are on the rise around the world. 

Cyber Security, societal impact of AI, data and privacy are paramount issues for legislators globally.  At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic drove collaborative development to unprecedented levels and took Open Source software, open research, open content and data from mainstream to main stage. 

Moving forward, developing these important public policies whilst not harming the ecosystem requires an understanding of how our ecosystem operates.

And ensuring stakeholders without historic benefit of representation in those discussions becomes paramount to that end.


Open Source is a global, borderless activity.  But public policies are developed locally.

The Open Policy Alliance will focus on education in the US while exchanging and sharing information with like-minded organizations globally to make any single investment in resources available for the broadest possible impact.


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