Open Standards Compliance

Page created on September 19, 2006 | Last modified on September 19, 2006

Compliance Levels

To assist governments and other bodies in recognizing and adopting
standards that conform to this Requirement, the OSI defines two levels
of compliance:

OSR Compatible

This indicates that the owner of the standard has self-certified
that their standard complies with this Requirement, and all Compliance
Criteria. Anyone may ask the OSI to review an OSR Compatible standard;
if the OSI finds that the standard is incompatible, the owner must either
modify the standard or stop using the OSR Compatible mark.

OSR Conformant

This indicates the OSI has reviewed a standard, as submitted by the owner,
and certified that it fully conforms to the OSR. The OSI may charge a fee
to offset the costs of this certification.


The OSI may, at its sole discretion, update the Criteria from time to
time to ensure they continue to fulfill the intent of the Requirement.
These updates will include an explicit version number, and the most
current version will always be available from