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Code of Conduct for OSI Mailing Lists

Licensing mailing lists: Please note that as of early 2013, the licensing mailing lists are governed by a new code of conduct. Please review that code of conduct, as it will become the new code for all OSI lists after it has been tested and debugged with the licensing lists.

These guidelines define a code of conduct for members of the general OSI public mailing lists, which function as the committees of the Open Source Initiative. These supplement the official Terms of Service which govern all content on the website. If you have not used mailing lists before, we strongly urge you to read RFC 1855 (Netiquette Guidelines), about the usual norms for polite interaction on the Internet. Note that failure to observe these guidelines, or instructions from the moderators, may be grounds for reprimand, probation, or removal.

  • Topicality Please make sure to read, understand, and stick within the list charter. If unsure, please contact the moderator for that list.
  • Civility Mailing lists, like open source projects, require intense collaboration on issues people are passionate (and often sensitive) about. Make an extra effort to treat others with the respect you would like to receive, even if you feel they are treating you unfairly. If you have something negative or critical to say to someone, email them privately, off-list. If you feel someone is behaving inappropriately, contact the moderator.
  • Privacy Do not post off-list emails from other parties without their permission. What happens off-list, stays off-list.
  • Replies to long threads
    • Ensure the subject line is always current and accurate
    • Trim unnecessary content
    • Write your replies inline instead of "top posting"
  • Extra Addresses Wherever possible, reply to a list post on the list itself. Do not CC the authors of the post or other list members; if you use the Reply to All function of your mailer, trim extra addresses before hitting Send.
  • Attachments Do not include large (> 10 KB) attachments in email messages unless:
    • specifically required by the list charter
    • in an open format (e.g., plain text or HTML), and
    • you have full legal permission to redistribute the contents

    Instead, include a link to the content, e.g., on your blog, website, pastie, or hosting service

  • Unsubscribes If you wish to leave a list, you can simply email the "" email address. Other administrative requests should go to the moderator of the list, who is identified alongside the list charter.