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Questions, answers, mailing lists, live chat and more: Whether you’re an open source advocate who wants to spread the word about the benefits of open source, a software developer looking for tips or tools, an entrepreneur with a start-up or business leader transforming your company, we have resources to help.


You’re not the first to come to us looking for answers. Look over the most common questions we get… maybe your answer is there.

Ask the OSI

Have a question about The Open Source Initiative?
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IRC (Live Chat)

Join us on IRC at Libera.Chat. The #osi channel is for user support and general discussion


Almost everything is on our wiki, including work from various teams. A lot of information can be obtained there.

Mailing Lists

We have many global and regional mailing lists, for announcements, discussion, licensing and other topics. You can also read mailing lists on the web via Mailman.

Get Social

You can find us on GitHubLinkedInRedditTwitter, and Mastodon.