August 10, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes


Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 17:05 UTC.


Board Members

  • Carol
  • Deb
  • Mike
  • Richard
  • Simon
  • Josh
  • Patrick
  • Italo

Expected, but Not Present

  • Allison
  • Paul
  • Molly

Officer Reports

Board Topics

  • GM Annual Evaluations process (submit to Ex. Comm)

Membership Topics

  • Affiliate Memberships…

Communications Topics

  • Apologies, but I wasn’t able to fulfil my tasks because of the family issues I have been experiencing during the last few months. With my wife’s mother now back at home I should be able to get back to normal ASAP. I will catch up emails next week, and start working at least at the 20th Anniversary communications.

Fundraising Topics


Legal Topics

Infrastructure Topics

  • Reached out to current service providers for additional help (gandi and Xwiki)
  • Fall F2F
  • Patrick to confirm F2F or not via [email protected]

Incubator/Project Topics


Review of Timeline

  • Planning Timeline

Next Board Meeting

The next OSI board meeting is scheduled for Sept 14, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 18:00 UTC


Motion (Patrick): Approve and post the meeting minutes of July 13, 2017.
Second (Deb).
Ask for additions, deletions and comments
8 Yes; 0 No; 0 Abstain.

Motion (Richard): Approve Eclipse Public License 2.0
Second (Simon).
Review by the Board and Licensing Team Lead with time for comment on the OSI lists.
7 Yes; 0 No; 1 Abstain.

Motion (Patrick): Approve Affiliate Membership of OpenProject
Second (Josh).
Contacts among German open source community validated the community. Not affiliated with “OpenProd”.
7 Yes; 0 No; 0 Abstain.

Motion (Patrick): Approve Affiliate Membership of American International University, West Africa, The Gambia
Second (Italo).
Reached out to Italo regarding LibreOffice localization in the native language of Gambia
7 Yes; 0 No; 0 Abstain.

Appendix A – Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report For the Month Ending July 31, 2017

Total Assets at Beginning of Period: $78,968.25   

Income or Sources of Funds:

  • Contributions: $ 1,218.82
  • Memberships: $ 1,320.00 ([email protected] $40)
  • Interest: $ 1.57

Total Income or Sources of Funds: $ 2,540.39

Expenses or Uses of Funds for Operations:

  • Payroll $ 9,214.18
  • Sponsorship Commission $ 0
  • Professional $ 720.00
  • Meetings $ -506,36 includes $2000 from LinuxFund
  • Conferences/Conv $ 1900.02
  • Working Groups $ 0
  • Postage, Shipping $ 25.56
  • Bank Fees $ 138.13
  • Paypal $ 49.34

Total Expenses or Uses of Funds for Operations: $ 11,340.87

Duplicate charge to Paypal in prior month corrected -40.00

Total Assets at End of Period $ 70,127.77

Major Contributions 2017: Invoiced not received in bold

  • Previous Sponsor $ 4000 invoiced 11/28/16 paid 12/06/16
  • Previous Sponsor  $ 1000 Unsolicited contribution received 11/29/16
  • Previous Sponsor  $1000 Unsolicited received 12/25/16
  • Previous Sponsor  $ 5000 invoiced 12/28/16 received 1/19/16
  • Previous Sponsor $ 25000 unsolicited recd 3/9/17
  • Previous Sponsor  $ 20000 invoice 4/03/17 received 4/27/17
  • New Sponsor $ 15000 invoiced 4/17/17 received 6/5/17
  • New Sponsor $ 1000 invoiced 6/12/17
  • New Sponsor $ 1000 invoiced 6/12/17 received 7/3/17
  • New Sponsor $1000 invoiced 6/26/17 received 6/26/17
  • Previous Sponsor  $ 20000.00 invoiced and received June 26, 2017
  • New Sponsor $ 1000 invoiced 7/31/17
  • New Sponsor $1000 invoiced 7/31/17
  • Previous Sponsor  $ Billing in 4th Quarter 17

Not yet invoiced for 2017: Last Invoiced

  • Previous Sponsor  1/07/16
  • Previous Sponsor  6/2/16
  • Previous Sponsor  6/10/16
  • Previous Sponsor  7/1/16
  • Previous Sponsor
  • Previous Sponsor  8/5/16
  • Previous Sponsor  10/15/15
  • Previous Sponsor  12/14/15
  • Previous Sponsor  9/29/15

Appendix B – Team Reports

Communications Team

Membership Team

OpenProject Foundation

Affiliate Membership Qualifications for OpenProject Foundation ( see: Application / Cover Letter.

American International University, West Africa, The GambiaAffiliate Membership Qualifications for American International University, West Africa, The Gambia ( Cover Letter,  Affiliate Agreement, Supporting Documentation, Certificate of Incorporation.

  • Institution is currently recognized and in good standing by an appropriate accreditation body.
    ✓ See Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Evidence of institutional/departmental authority to affiliate with external organizations.
    ✓ Applicant (Fabiyi Olawale) is the Head/Dean of the College of Management & IT at AIU.
  • Mission statement describing purpose and goals of institution/department.
    ✓ See “Mission Statement,” page 1 of Supporting Documentation and Mission on website:
  • Documentation by the institution recognizing organization (academic and administrative departments only), e.g. organizational chart.
    ✓ See “Organizational Structure,” page 2 of Supporting Documentation.
  • Publicly available release of a product(s) or service(s) in line with the goals, values and mission of the OSI.
    ✓ The school will be extending their program/curriculum to include open source software to other programs/certificates in Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. The school is also starting an Open Source Club that will include students from the Department of Computer Science & Technology, students from all other departments and Colleges interested in open source development, and those in the local workplace/community.
  • Examples of software used and/or supported within the institution/department with an OSI approved open source license.
    ✓ Mozilla FireFox, PHP, Ruby, Java, Linux and Unix.
  • An active community:
  • Methods for current and interested individuals/organizations to join and participate in your community
    ✓ Students from related programs will use various open source software and students will be able to join the Open Source Club.
  • Active participation from multiple contributors, i.e. individuals and organizations other than founders (contributions may be other than programming/technology)
    ☒  Program just starting and the organizers hope that OSI Affiliation will add credibility and interest to the club and curriculum.
  • References from other open source projects, ideally a current OSI Affiliate Member.
    ☒  None.

Fundraising Team

  • Sponsorships
  • Two new sponsors committed.
  • Reaching out to prospects
  • Still trying with previous sponsors not yet committed to 2017/2018
  • Leads for OS Summit available on Google Doc.
  • Start thinking fundraiser 2.0!!!

Infrastructure Team

Legal Team

  • Arduino licensing issues resolved.
  • Follow up regarding compliance with OSD and OSI licensing: does source code need to be available to comply with licenses?

Incubator/Projects Team

  • FLOSS Desktops online conference Aug 18 (AdaFruit Keynote)
  • Two new school districts
  • Crowdsourcing: Kickstarter offering curated page, like Creative Commons