OSI Board Meeting Minutes, June 6, 2007

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, June 6, 2007


Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary/Treasurer
Ms. Alolita Sharma, Director
Mr. Russ Nelson, Director
Mr. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Director
Mr. Ken Coar, Director
Mr. Bruno Souza, Director
Mr. Ernie Prabhakar, Board Observer
Mr. Wil Roger, speaker from OSAIA
Mr. Mark Radcliffe, General Counsel

Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 8:13am PDT


1. Introduction of OSAIA

Mr. Tiemann introduced Mr. Wil Roger from Open Source and Industry Alliance (OSAIA). OSAIA is a consortium lobbying for Open Source. They are a membership organization, as is their parent, CCIA.

Mr. Roger provided update on OSIA’s work on Patent Reform. Mr. Roger also shared information about membership, structure and fees of OSAIA.

Action Items:
*Mr. Tiemann will draft a resolution about OSI and OSAIA cooperation.

2. OSCON 2007

Planned Activities:
-Work Day Monday (July 23rd).
-Tuesday Design Thinking session about membership. -BOF Session
-OSI Board Speakers (please send Ms. Cooper your speaking engagements for OSCON so we can publicize)

Who’s Attending:

Attendance covered:
-Mr. Tiemann (speaking, will send mail when he sets travel)
-Ms. Cooper (speaking, gets in the 20th)
-Mr. Ghosh (speaking, gets in the 25th)
-Ms. Sharma (press pass, gets in the 21st)
-Mr. Souza (speaking, gets in the 21st)
-Mr. Radcliffe (needs to pick a day)
-Mr. Asay (haven’t heard but assume he will be there)

Needs funding coverage:
-Mr. Nelson
-Mr. Coar
-Ms. Nwakanma
-Mr. Mathur

a) Mr. Radcliffe provided update on American Law Institute – American Bar Association (ALI-ABA) and their work on drafting a model law initiative relating to software. Mr. Radcliffe is tracking and Mr. Larry Rosen, former OSI General Counsel, is also involved.

b) GPLv3 Call – Mr. Tiemann asked, “Who has standing to submit the license to OSI?”. License incompatibility between v2 and v3 is problematic, but not inconsistent with OSD.
Mr. Radcliffe will approach Mr. Eben Moglen, General Counsel of Free Software Foundation, about submitting it through License-Discuss.

4. Committee Reports

Please review edited minutes .

No change since last report.

License Approval

a) Simple Public License: Committee recommended approval.

Motion: Mr. Tiemann moved to accept the following language for our recommendation: “To the extent the Simple Public License as proposed is a simplification and alternative to the GPL and yet is not on its face compatible with the GPL, we decline to approve at this time and suggest that the committee in future consider compatibility for licenses that advertise simplification.” Ms. Sharma seconded. Passed by General Consent.

b) Educational Community License: Committee recommended to replace previous version.

Motion: Mr. Tiemann moved that we approve to replace ECLv1.1. Mr. Nelson seconded.. Passed by general consent.

c) SocialText Public License: Withdrawn and will be resubmitted

d) Artistic License v2: Committee recommended to approve replacement of Artistic License v1

Motion: Mr. Tiemann moved that we approve to replace Artistic License v1. Mr. Nelson seconded. Passed by general consent.

e) Common Pre-Certification Development and Distribution License: Committee recommended to reject.

Mr Tiemann moved that we reject because the restrictions do not reply with the OSD because of Commercial Restriction. Mr. Nelson seconded. Passed by general consent.

f) Generic Attribution Provision: Withdrawn by submitter.

Move to Adjourn at 1:10pm EST.