OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Feb 1st, 2007

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Feb 1st, 2007

Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary & Treasurer
Mr. Ken Coar, Director and Chair of Membership Committee
Mr. Sanjiva Weewarawana, Director and Chair of Open Standards Committee
Mr. Russ Nelson, Director and Chair of License Approval Committee, Co-Chair of License Proliferation Committee
Mr. Bruno Ferriera de Souza, Director
Mr. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Director
Dr. Ernie Prabakar, Board Observer

Quorum Established and Meeting Called to Order at 11:14AM EST


1. F2F Meeting schedule

Discussion and comparison of potential dates for yearly face to face meeting. Several dates proposed. Schedule will be finalized before next BOD meeting.

2. 2007 Board call schedule.

Mr. Tiemann motions that the 2007 call schedule be “the first Wednesday of each month except for April (where we may take advantage of FISL), July (U.S. July 4th Holiday), with a fallback date of the 2nd Wednesday of the month.”

Motion seconded by Mr. Coar. Passed by General Assent

3. 2007 Board elections — we are overdue in electing Board members for 2007. New board members are supposed to be seated in April.

Discussion of board seats expiring and one potential retirement. Mr. Ghosh, Mr. Tiemann and Ms. Cooper agree to shepherd candidates through application process, starting immediately. Mr. Ghosh and Mr. Weewarawana will each submit statement of past FOSS and OSI work as candidates for re-election. Target to complete selection of new BOD members and observers is March 31st, 2007 for installation April 2nd, 2007.

5. Committee reports

a) Secretary and Treasurer Reports:
Treasury: Ms. Cooper gave a report on balances, debits and credits to the OSI bank accounts, purchase of Certificates of Deposit and potential change of bank due to recent exponential rise in service fees.
Non-Profit Status: Mr. Tiemann has received communication from the Secretary of State which he has passed to Ms. Cooper
Trademark: Ms. Cooper received an advertisement from an unofficial European Trademark registry. Mr. Radcliffe should be processing worldwide trademark applications now that US-PTO has accepted our mark.

b) Legal Coordination:
Discussed possibility that Mr. Coar take over legal coordination activities for 2007.

c) License Proliferation:
Discussed need to finalize the report as a recommendation to the Board. In view of Ms. Majerus’ change of employment, there is a need to identify another co-sponsor of the report to the Board. Mr. Tiemann will work with Mr. Nelson to effect this action.

d) Membership:
Mr. de Souza extended an offer to co-chair Membership Committee for 2007 with Mr. Coar. Mr. de Souza has excellent qualifications for this work due to his past work buliding the largest Java User Group in the world. His recent change of employment gives him more flexibility to take on Membership in 2007.

e) Website:
Mr. Radcliffe has proposed Terms of Service for the new website.