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Looking for speaking opportunities in the Northeast, giving mapping parties in Boston and NYC

Hey all, I'm looking for speaking opportunities in the Northeast of the US, specifically near Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh. Will talk about Open Source, Open Data, and OpenStreetMap. Thursday or Friday nights preferred. Tuesday nights not preferred.

Also running mapping parties in Boston 2/14-15 and New York City 2/21-22. Follow the link if you're curious about mapping parties.

The OSI Board, annotated

Bruno Souza uploaded his OSCON 2008 photo of the entire OSI board. I added notes for everybody's name, so you can see the entire set of board members.

Missing link found, fixed

Last week I posted a story titled Are we really wasting $1T USD annually?" and I used our spiffy Drupal software to attach a PDF document to that blog posting. This was the first time I used the attachment feature, and what I didn't know was that unless you were logged into the site (as I was), you couldn't see it.

My apologies.

I have now made the paper available via an explicit link in the article. Or you can click through to the paper from this link.

The Open Source Initative at FOSDEM

The Board of Directors of the OSI typically conducts two face to face meetings each year. Our first meeting in 2009 will take place this week, just before FOSDEM, one of the largest open source conference for developers. We want to use this opportunity to be more visible in Europe, and to meet open source developers, users and policy makers.

FOSS advocacy in Africa receives a big boost from the Open Society Institute for West Africa


Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) advocacy in Africa receives a big boost from the Open Society Institute for West Africa (OSIWA)
ACCRA, GHANA - February 1, 2009

Two New Book Recommendations

I am traveling again, and I am reading again. Today I am in Dubai, and on the way I read two great books: The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson and Remix by Larry Lessig.

"Open Source Car" which isn't

Unfortunately, some people don't realize that "Open Source" has a definition. They think it's a loosey-goosey term meaning "stuff that people like", more or less. So they apply it to anything which can be opened, like a door, or a box, or in this case, a car (english). Sorry, no.

Are we really wasting $1T USD annually?

Last week I was quoted by the BBC saying that taken as a whole, the world wastes $1 trillion (with a 'T') dollars on information and communications technology. And judging by the various blog postings that have been generated in reaction to that, I estimate that fewer than 20% have any quibbles at all with that number, meaning that more than 80% are ready to see a change in how we do software and technology in the 21st century.


I've recently taken on a new job, after 17 years of consultancy. I grew restive at my own weak points, and wanted to outsource sales and management, neither of which I am very good at. I'm now working for Cloudmade, which is a for-profit company seeking to advance the use of OpenStreetMap data. Open Data is very similar in manner to Open Source. It's data that nobody can own, because its value is in the community that creates, cares for, and nurtures it.

Thank you music industry!

We are always trying to shine some light to our kids, and teach them about right and wrong. A few things are pretty hard to explain. Copyright for one is a pretty complicated thing.


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