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  1. Zak Greant's OSI Weekly Report 2008 Week 13/14

    ... April 6th to 12th, 2008. These Weeks Light OSI community service work (mostly answering private queries on mailing lists, ... I was serving the Open Source Initiative as an unpaid board observer. I own and operate Foo Associates Inc., a small Canadian ...

    administrator - 2015-10-16 07:56 - 0 comments

  2. OSI Mourns Co-Founder Ian Murdock

    administrator's blog The OSI Board is very sad to note the death of Ian Murdock . As well as founding the ... projects and was a friend of many former and current OSI Directors and Members. His unexpected and sudden death is an untimely ...

    administrator - 2015-12-30 14:25 - 0 comments

  3. The Licence Review Process

    The goal of the OSI License Review Process is to ensure that licenses and software labeled as ... go through a public review process described below. The OSI Board is happy to consult with entities in advance to help them navigate the ...

    administrator - 2018-10-03 04:47

  4. Designing a New OSI

    ... Implement Learn Why should you care? The board of the Open Source Initiative has largely concluded that we have reached ... so good. What we have not done, however, is to make the OSI representative of that constituency. Yes, our board members have ...

    Michael Tiemann - 2015-10-16 08:14 - 4 comments

  5. OSI at OSCON 2016

    ... from May 16th to 19th, as we’re delighted to announce that OSI will once more have a booth in the Expo Hall. We would really love to see ... throughout OSCON. You can get in touch with the OSI Board Members coordinating our OSCON presence using our Contact Form . ...

    Shelly Coen - 2016-03-24 08:06 - 0 comments

  6. OSI Opposes Barriers To Open Source Software For Television

    ... webmink's blog The Open Source Initiative Board has added OSI to the list of organizations asking that the BBC not be allowed to add ...

    webmink - 2015-10-16 07:14 - 0 comments

  7. OSI Approves Microsoft License Submissions

    ... on the advice of the License Approval Chair, the OSI Board today approved the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) and the ... in question, Microsoft addressed. Microsoft came to the OSI and submitted their licenses according to the published policies and ...

    Michael Tiemann - 2007-10-15 14:08

  8. OSI Welcomes Five More Affiliates

    webmink's blog The OSI Board has approved Affiliate membership for the following organisations: ... We and the other Affiliates welcome them to OSI! If your organisation would also like to join, please see our Affiliate ...

    webmink - 2015-10-16 06:54 - 0 comments

  9. OSI Welcomes Member-Elected Director

    webmink's blog OSI recently held its first election for a director selected by its new ... expressed preference for Richard Fontana to be elected as OSI's newest Director. Now working at Red Hat, Richard was counsel at ... experience of the practicalities of open source and the Board are delighted to welcome Richard as its newest member. ...

    webmink - 2015-10-16 06:50 - 0 comments

  10. Some thoughts on OSI structure

    Ken Coar's blog The issue of whether OSI should shift from the current limited board composition to be a [potentially] representative member-based structure ...

    Ken Coar - 2015-10-16 08:12 - 0 comments