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Most of OSI’s board of directors are elected by individual members and Affiliate organizations.

Action needed to protect against patent trolls
The Linux Foundation, Unified Patents and Electronic Frontier Foundation hosted a webinar this week to give an overview of the serious issue of patent trolls and the recent proposal from the United States Patent and Trademark …
The AI renaissance and why Open Source matters
Sharing knowledge and sharing code has always been a key driver for innovation in Artificial Intelligence. Researchers have gathered together since AI was established as a field to develop and advance novel techniques, from Natural Language …
Regulatory language cannot be the same for all software
In reviewing the language and concepts being used in the various draft bills and directives circulating in Brussels at present, it is clear that the experts crafting the language are using their understanding of proprietary software …
Why open video is vital for Open Source
The news that the European Commission’s competition directorate (DG COMP) has decided not to conduct a full antitrust investigation into the Alliance for Open Media’s (AOM) licensing policy is to be welcomed. The post Why open video is …

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Deep Dive: AI, Fathom III

Read the complete summary of the Deep Dive: AI podcasts and panels. Understand the challenges and opportunities for Open Source communities posed by machine learning.

Deep Dive: AI final report
  • Open Source Summit North America – May 10-12, 2023

    Open Source Summit will take place in Vancouver, CA and is a conference umbrella, composed of a collection of events covering the most important technologies, topics, and issues affecting open… Read More

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