The challenges of regulations

Legislative bodies and standards organizations around the world are issuing rules that impact Open Source. The increased interest is both an opportunity and a challenge for the broader Open Source ecosystem.

These policy-development responses to economic and cyber security matters as well as new regulatory concerns in adjacent domains such as research, data, and AI have risen as Open Source software’s role continues to play a critical role in industry, public and societal concerns.  

OSI’s role is to educate, inform, and convene, consistent with its public benefit mission

We track key legislative developments – today primarily in Europe and the US – and offer our expertise where it may help.

There are many ways policy decisions can impact our Open Source software ecosystem and its benefit to individuals and organizations alike. OSI will continue to continue ed public discourse on new technologies (such as open source AI tools and models)  and serve as an independent voice to cover the concerns of public interest where Open Source is on the agenda through collaboration and coalition building.

Open Policy Alliance

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