Press Releases and Announcements

Page created on March 14, 2007 | Last modified on January 30, 2023

This page lists OSI’s press releases and announcements.

Please note that since 2005, most OSI announcements have been published via the OSI Board Blog and mailing lists.

2010 Press Releases and Announcements

March 25, 2010: The Open Source Initiative Opposes Barriers To Open Source Software For Television
The Open Source Initiative Board has added OSI to the list of organizations asking that the BBC not be allowed to add digital restriction measures to digital broadcasts in the United Kingdom. The BBC’s request to do so is being reviewed by the UK regulator, OfCOM, and OSI is supporting the position statement from the UK’s Open Rights Group and encouraging others to do likewise.
March 5, 2010: The Open Source Initiative Categorically Rejects IIPA’s special pleadings against Open Source
The entire position taken by IIPA against Open Source is unbalanced. It relies on outdated definitions, special interests and a fear of innovation and new business model opportunities. It blends them together to abuse an outdated mechanism of the US government with a condemnation that applies to the US itself. America has a role in defending free markets around the world. The IIPA’s stance does not support that role, and should not be respected.

Archived Press Releases and Announcements

2 April 2008:
Open Source Initiative (OSI) Announces Results of 2008 Board Election
1 March 2005:
Open Source Initiative (OSI) Announces New Interim President
31 January 2005:
OSI announces expanded programs, counsel, and board
09 October 2001:
OSI letter of comment on W3C’s proposed RAND policy
16 June 1999:
Announcement of “OSI Certified” Open Source Mark
16 March 1999:
OSI Clarifies The Status Of APSL
25 November 1998:
An Open Letter to AOL
22 November 1998:
OSI Launch Announcement