OSI Logo Files

Page created on June 11, 2009 | Last modified on January 25, 2023

The OSI “Keyhole Logo,” which combines the “O” of open and a keyhole, for unlocking source code, was created by Colin Viebrock. The Keyhole Logo and word mark are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, related to: “Public advocacy to promote awareness and the importance of non-proprietary software” in Class 35, and “Educational services, namely, developing, arranging, and conducting educational conferences, programs, courses of instruction and online educational seminars in the field of non-proprietary software” in Class 41. The logo is also registered with Australia, Benelux, Canada, China, and others.

The “OSI Approved Open Source License” is also a registered trademark of the Open Source Initiative.

Note: To use any of these marks, please see the OSI Trademark Guidelines and OSI Logo Guidelines.

Keyhole Symbol Only
PNG / SVG: 100 x 100 PNG / SVG: 300 x 300 PNG / SVG: 600 x 600
OSI Keyhole Logo, 100 x 100
OSI Keyhole Logo, 300 x 300
OSI Keyhole Logo, 600 x 600
Keyhole Symbol & Name (Bold “Open”)
PNG / SVG: 100 x 130 PNG / SVG: 300 x 390 PNG / SVG: 600 x 750
OSI Keyhole Logo and word mark, 100 x 130
OSI Keyhole Logo and word mark, 300 x 390
OSI Keyhole Logo and word mark, 600 x 780
OSI Approved Open Source License
PNG / SVG: 100 x 125 PNG / SVG: 300 x 350 PNG / SVG: 600 x 750
OSI Approved License, 100 X 125
OSI Approved License, 300 X 350
OSI Approved License, 600 X 750