OSI Annual Report

Thank you for another great year! This year, like last, I'd like to start off by first thanking the open source software community for all of your support. The Open Source Initiative is so very fortunate for the continued—and growing—participation in our Individual and Affiliate Memberships, as well as Corporate Sponsors and Supporters.

November 2014 OSI Newsletter

OSI Newsletter: November 2014

OSI and Conservancy Announce US Tax Exemption Working Group

Software Freedom Conservancy and the Open Source Initiative are pleased to announce that they are the founding members of a working group focused on tax exemption issues for organizations in the United States.

Recent activity by the Internal Revenue Service in response to applications for tax exempt status have sparked a lot of interest and discussion amongst free and open source software communities.

OSI Sponsors International Competition in Free and Open Source Software Multimedia

The OSI is thrilled to announce the launch of the International Competition in Free and Open Source Software Multimedia (ICOM). Organized by the Sena Primary School (SK Sena), Malaysia and Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) along with the state government of Perlis, Malaysia and the Ministry of Education Malaysia the video competition is open to students from around the world: from primary school children to those attending institutions of higher learning. The main objectives of ICOM are as follows:


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