2020 OSI Election Results

Congratulations to Megan Byrd-Sanicki and Josh Simmons who were both elected to the OSI board's two individual member seats, and to Italo Vignoli, nominated by Associazione LibreItalia, who was elected to the one open affiliate member seat. The newly elected Directors will take their seats on the Board, April 1, 2020.*

The OSI thanks all of those who participated in the 2020 board elections by casting a ballot. We also want to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of those who stood for election. Each year the field of candidates who run for the OSI Board of Directors includes a who's who of open source software leadership. The 2020 nominees were again, remarkable: experts from a variety of fields and technologies with diverse skills and experience gained from working across the open source community. The OSI is honored to include each of the candidates in our 2020 election.

We would also like to recognize and thank Molly de Blanc and Simon Phipps who are leaving the OSI board. Both Molly and Simon are former OSI board presidents who have led significant efforts to advance not only the mission of the OSI, but the organization as well. We hope the entire open source software community will join us in thanking them for their service and their leadership. The OSI and the open source software movement are better off because of their contributions and commitment, and we thank them.

The complete election results are below.

Individual Member Seat Election Count

  1. Josh Simmons: 224
  2. Megan Byrd-Sanicki: 198
  3. Ashley Wolf: 137
  4. McCoy Smith: 92
  5. Coraline Ada Ehmke: 82
  6. Chris Short: 67
  7. Mario Behling: 60
  8. Mekki MacAulay: 56
  9. George Kraft: 39
  10. Tobie Langel: 36
  11. John Tredennick: 36
  12. Travin Keith: 13
  13. Michael Cruz: 7
  14. Rohit Goswami:7
  15. Bob McWhirter : 7


Affiliate Member Seat Election Count

  1. Italo Vignoli (Associazione LibreItalia): 18
  2. Chris Aniszczyk (Linux Foundation): 17
  3. Justin Colannino (Software Freedom Conservancy): 17
  4. Bjoern Michaelsen (The Document Foundation): 10
  5. Fabio Balli (Breathing Games): 8
  6. Marco Marinello (FUSS): 5

*Note: This article originally stated new board directors would be seated on March 20th, the actual date for seating the newly elected board directors is April 1. 2020.

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