OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Thursday, October 11th, 2018


Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 16:38 UTC.


Board Members

  • Carol
  • Vicky
  • Simon
  • Patrick
  • Josh
  • Richard
  • Faidon
  • Chris


Expected, but Not Present

  • Allison

Sent Regrets

  • Italo
  • Molly

Officer Reports

  • Motion to approve minutes (Carol)
  • None - need a treasurer's report for last month's meeting agenda; Carol will check in before next month's meeting to draft minutes for Sept and Oct
  • President's report (Simon & Vicky)
  • Simon has been representing the OSI in various meetings 
  • In discussion with for new sponsor
  • Treasurer's report (Josh), see Appendix A
  • Many commitments from (renewing) existing and new sponsors
  • Topic for discussion - sponsorship levels and any desired changes thereto?
  • Additional sponsorship tier at top?
  • Discuss in Milan, discuss with Nick
  • Revenue continues to increase

Board Topics

  • GM Report (Patrick)
  • Staffing - Jessica starts back Monday
  • Nick is contacting sponsors
  • Patrick and Nick working on year-long tour
  • Variety of events in October going on 
  • In discussions with Cornell, Brandeis about professional development series on open source credential
  • Fundraiser starting (see Giving Tuesday below)
  • Patrick's todo list is on the wiki
  • Discuss F2F meeting logistics (All)
  • Italo is off; if anyone has questions address them to Simon
  • Molly, Chris, Josh, Patrick are staying on and coming to Bolzano
  • Chris to talk about reproducable builds
  • Simon will talk to them next week to discuss talk topics
  • Simon will proose everyone coming will do a talk
  • Faidon unclear on if he'll stay on for Bolzano
  • Open Source Definition summit (Patrick)
  • Confirming that it's a good idea
  • Making a blog post as foundation for purpose and further discussion
  • Video with Bruce?
  • Review and edit document Patrick put together
  • Action Item register (Simon)
  • Carol re-sent email about this
  • Use of funds proposals (Josh)
  • Infrastructure projects in particular

Membership Topics

  • Membership status report (Patrick)
  • 100% renewal of people who renewed or joined last year
  • Patrick is preparing a list of people who didn't and send them a direct mail
  • Jessica will be taking on some of the membership admin
  • Final date for affiliate membership call/outreach? (Italo - deferred)

Communications Topics

  • ACTION: Patrick to acknowledge Handshake gift and press for approval from the Handshake Foundation

Fundraising Topics

  • Giving Tuesday (Nov 27)

Legal Topics

  • License Review Committee
  • Richard is nominally chairing this but has had very little time for it
  • As of now it's been a while since there's been a formal pending license business update on mailing list
  • Richard's term is up in spring 2019; should be consideration for another director taking on role
  • Simon to get paid person to do monthy summary, person who took on license review chair role can have less to do if that's done
  • Wiki has been updated and Patrick is removing TL;DR threads and fixing up license page formatting

Motion: Retain services of a person for up to $500/month for license review administrator (Patrick)

Second: Simon


Yays: 8   Nays: 0  Abstain: 0 

ACTION: Patrick to develop job description & bring proposal back to Board

Motion: Rename "Free Public License-1.0.0" to 0BSD per request from license steward (Simon)


Discussion:  Need to validate this name change is the consensus of the community (Richard)

ACTION: Richard will validate & report back at next meeting

Motion: Retire CUA-OPL-1.0 per historic request (Simon)

Second: Richard


Yays: 8  Nays: 0  Abstain: 0

Action: Patrick to move this license to retired license

Discussion of "For Approval: Convertible Free Software License, Version 1.1 (C-FSL v1.1)" has not reached a positive consensus at this point

Infrastructure Topics

Incubator/Project Topics

  • Standards Project (Simon)
  • Requesting budget allocation for the project
  • Bruce would like to be retained as a consultant, Patrick is putting together contract for that (estimated at $1.5k - 2k/month; capped at $8000/month)
  • He had revisions, we'll check on that
  • ACTION: Josh to provide estimate for allocation for project based on committed sponsors

Review of Timeline

Next Board Meeting

The scheduled meeting on November 8 is cancelled & the next OSI board meeting is scheduled for November 13 & 14 in Milan, Italy.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50AM Pacific


Motion (): Approve and post the meeting minutes of __________ .
Second ().
Vote: 0 Yes; 0 No; 0 Abstain.

Appendix A - Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report For the Month Ending: September 30, 2018

Total Assets at Beginning of Period (09/01/18): $471,807

  • Revenue or Sources of Funds
    • Contributions $370
    • Memberships $560
    • Interest $11
  • Total Revenue or Sources of Funds $952
  • Expenses or Uses of Funds
    • Compensation $10,194
    • Fundraising Expense $0
    • Legal & Professional Fees $1,471
    • Office Expenses $82
    • Promotional Expense $0
    • Travel & Entertainment $2,282
    • Other Expenses $267
  • Total Expenses or Uses of Funds $34,295

Change in Accounts Payable -$7,764

Total Assets at Beginning of Period (09/30/18)  $430,700

Major Contributions in the last 12 months

OSI Sponsorships

Sponsor NameDate InvoicedDate PaidSponsorship AmountSponsorship Receivable

Old Sponsor04/03/1704/27/17$20,000$0
Old Sponsor04/17/1706/05/17$15,000$0
Old Sponsor06/12/1707/03/17$1,000$0
Old Sponsor06/26/1706/26/17$20,000$0
Old Sponsor06/26/1707/03/17$1,000$0
Old Sponsor07/31/1709/07/17$1,000$0
Old Sponsor07/31/1709/07/17$1,000$0
Old Sponsor08/11/1709/05/17$7,500$0
Old Sponsor08/11/1711/01/17$2,500$0
Old Sponsor09/11/1710/02/17$15,000$0
Old Sponsor09/14/1709/28/17$7,500$0
Old Sponsor09/14/1710/14/17$7,500$0
Old Sponsor10/01/1711/11/17$20,000$0
Old Sponsor10/06/1710/17/17$20,000$0
Old Sponsor12/14/1701/31/18$20,000$0
Old Sponsor01/12/1801/12/18$25,000$0
Old Sponsor01/12/1805/09/18$6,000$0
Old Sponsor02/01/1806/12/18$20,000$0
Old Sponsor02/01/1802/06/18$1,000$0
Old Sponsor02/12/1803/08/18$20,000$0
Old Sponsor03/29/1805/18/18$20,000$0
Old Sponsor04/19/1805/21/18$20,000$0
New Sponsor05/30/18$540$540
New Sponsor07/28/18$1,000$1,000
New Sponsor08/15/1808/15/18$200,000$0

ClearlyDefined Sponsorships

Old Sponsor05/09/1805/30/18$50,000$0
Old Sponsor06/26/1806/29/18$100,000$0
Old Sponsor06/28/1808/10/18$25,000$0

Appendix B - Team Reports

Communications Team

Membership Team

Fundraising Team

Infrastructure Team

Legal Team

Incubator/Projects Team