May 11th 2016 Board Meeting Minutes


Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 17:02 UTC.


Board Members

  • Zack
  • Paul
  • Italo
  • Allison
  • Patrick
  • Josh
  • Richard
  • Molly (17:20 UTC)


  • None

Expected, but Not Present

  • Mike
  • Deb

Sent Regrets

  • Leslie

Officer Reports

Board Topics

  • Revisit  "Executive Director" role, rejected during initial hire period by board in favor of "General Manager" role [postponed to next meeting]
    • LH is supportive.
  • Discussion on possibility of open board meetings, for transparency (with option for a closed executive session for some portions). More inviting for members and volunteers to get involved.
    • Fits into goals to engage more with Affiliates (per F2F meeting/goals)
    • As a member-based organization would be good way to engage
    • Have to figure out practical matters: platform, audience participation...
      • How would we manage executive sessions
      • Who could join: Individual Members, Affilaite Reps, anyone?
      • Will questions / comments be allowed?
    • Could be a good way to promote volunteers.
    • Team focused calls currently allow member engagement.
    • Could increase membership through direct engagement.
    • Experiences related from three other directors' experiences, they do not see a lot of uptake/participation.
    • Perhaps set up a "membership call" at a specific time for others to call in.
    • ACTION: Patrick to develop framework / set practices / house rules on how this might occur.
      • Should probably run a few with just the board before launching publicly.

Membership Topics

  • Clever name for volunteer organization, ask Shelly [postponed to next meeting]
    • In holding pattern, more info by next meeting but shared in interim.

Communications Topics

  • Newsletter should we keep or dump [postponed from Spring F2F]
    • LH  says that we should keep if we can find someone not Patrick to handle,  but it's a useful touch point for our members - if they never hear from  us why should they renew? Maybe a volunteer, maybe Italo wants to handle  this? It could definitely be shorter and less intensive to create.
    • Perhaps this is a broader question for the marketing and communications team.
    • Table for discussion with communications
    • No one is tied to Newsletter, but everyone agrees we need some engagement.

Fundraising Topics

  • Forming the Fundraising Team, initial membership, plan for activities [postponed from Spring F2F]
  • Build on the list of "open source office" folks - how to follow up.
  • Put together a survey/assessment of how contacts/donations were made/managed?
  • Question asked, "Do we have marketing materials for fundraising."
  • Affiliate members can (and do) also provide sponsorships.
  • Are there benefits to Corporate Sponsorships?
  • Can we identify how we want to go about fund-raising
  • Goals for fundraising amounts
  • Increase by $40K/year (was not agreed to by Board, fundraising team should determine this).
  • ACTION: Follow up with Mike on CRA's interest volunteering around fundraising (also TODO connection).
  • Try and set a goal of a working meeting every two weeks
  • Molly (Lead), Pat, Mike, Italo, Chishelp, Joshhelp, Allisonhelp
  • Try BBB, Jitsi Meeting service

Legal Topics

  • Have a new donated instance of, and created a project for license-review
  • Introduce this to the License-Review? Create tickets from most recent status report.

Infrastructure Topics

Have a new donated instance of, and created a project for license-review

Incubator/Project Topics

Review of Timeline

Next Board Meeting

The next OSI board meeting is scheduled for June 8, 2016. Meeting adjourned at...17:59


  • Motion (Patrick): Approve and post the meeting minutes of April 21-22, 2016 .
    Second (Zack).

    Discussion: Small editorial changes, nothting significant. Removed names of sponsors.
    Vote: 5 Yes; 0 No; 3 Abstain.

Appendix A - Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report For the Month Ending April 30, 2016

Total Assets at Beginning of Period: $76256.54

Income or Sources of Funds:

  • Contributions: $21067.45
  • Memberships: $560.00 (14x $40)
  • Open Hatch: Received $ 249.66 paid $254.60 diff -4.94
  • Snowdrift $ Received 4500.00 / paid 4500.00
  • Interest: $1.26

Total Income or Sources of Funds: $21623.77

Expenses or Uses of Funds for Operations:

  • Payroll $ 8970.84
  • Professional $ 637.63
  • Bank Fees $ Supplies $ Postage, Shipping $ 104.70
  • Software $ 3512.10
  • Conferences/Conv $139.67
  • Working Groups, Project
  • Meetings $ 841.49
  • Website Hosting $ 583.95
  • Paypal $ 52.17

Total Expenses or Uses of Funds for Operations: $14813.65

Total Assets at End of Period $83066.66

Major Contributions 2016:

  • Previous sponsor: $ 25000 received 02/10/16
  • Previous sponsor: $ 20000 invoiced 01/11/16 received 04/08/16
  • Previous sponsor: $ 20000 invoiced 12/09/15 received 02/10/16
  • New Sponsor $ 5000 invoiced 12/07/15
  • New Sponsor $ 7500 invoiced 12/14/15 paid 02/10/16
  • New Sponsor $ 20000 invoiced 3/3/16 paid 03/07/16
  • Previous sponsor: $
  • Previous sponsor: $
  • Previous sponsor: $
  • Previous sponsor: $ (Patrick to ask Jane, about status)
  • Previous sponsor: $
  • Previous sponsor: $
  • Previous sponsor: $

Appendix B - Team Reports

Communications Team

Membership Team

Fundraising Team

Infrastructure Team

Legal Team

Incubator/Projects Team

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