Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 (Face-to-Face meeting, San Francisco, CA)

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 (Face-to-Face meeting, San Francisco, CA)


Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 09:00 PST


Board Members

  • Karl Fogel, Treasurer – Present
  • Richard Fontana, Director – Present
  • Martin Michlmayr, Secretary – Present
  • Mike Milinkovich, Director – Present
  • Simon Phipps, President – Present
  • Bruno Souza, Director – Present
  • Luis Villa, Director – Present
  • Tony Wasserman, Director – Present


  • Patrick Masson, General Manager

Expected, but Not Present

  • Harshad Gune, Director

Sent Regrets

  • Deborah Bryant, Director

Wednesday AM Agenda

Affiliate Members

The OSI has not seen much interest recently, other than nibbles. It was suggested to review the Affiliates mailing list which could have contact information for organizations who have expressed interest rencently.

The Board has created Affiliate Agreements:

  • Initial agreements were initially “hand-shakes”
  • A more formal agreement was created by OSI and the OSI approached “Affiliates” to formalize the program. Richard and Patrick should engage with any existing Affiliates who have not signed on to formalize status of agreements and relationships.
  • OSI is now positioned to enhance and extend as well as assert the Affiliate Agreements
    • The agreement should be reviewed, assessed and enhanced if needed.
  • Original discussions with Affiliates did not put a requirement on contributions, however many Affiliates were told that the OSI might request support based on needs.
    • Requesting financial support
    • The OSI should develop a “Benefits in Affiliation” as collateral for recruitment. Initially this should include what currently exists as a benefit and options for the future.
      • Examples:
        • Voting
        • Identify as affiliates (need branding for association)
        • Included in OSI’s presence at events (conferences)
        • OSI will support Affiliates at their events (how would we support them *at* their events)
        • Community platform: index/table of affilates info | licence | interests | practice (future?)
        • Shared services (in development)
          • Election hosting? Provide a platform for election “services.”
          • Fiscal sponsorship
          • Advocacy/Statement/Promotion on behalf of specific/local affiliate interest(s)
          • Affiliate member connections/locations
          • Resources and references (index of approved/recommended objects) related to open source software development, community, practice, licensing, etc.
          • Are there other shared services (tasks and tools) the OSI could offer that are needed across multiple communities/projects (should review Foundations List archive to discover possible needed services).
            • Board training?
            • Calendaring (Bedework)?
        • Awareness and Advocacy
          • Comment on and respond to government policy/law (any discussion on how we’ll get that done?)
          • Community benefit: representative of the community’s values and purpose
            • What are the talking points that convey the OSI’s mission/value/purpose
          • Stewards of OSD, open licenses
          • Protection/assertion of open source label
          • Modeling, best practices from OSI
          • User group support (what support)
          • Match user groups with affiliates
      • Recruitment going forward should focus on creating a list of current 1st degree relationships from the Board. After these contacts have been approached the OSI can ask our 1st degree contacts for 2nd degree contacts.

Branding and Trademarks

A discussion was undertaken about OSI’s approach to other “open source” initiatives: “open hardware”, “open data”, “open content”? The Board expressed an interest in getting out ahead of the “open” movement to make sure “open” is understood and aligns with libre terms. Of particular interest is how such efforts might confuse or conflict with OSI activities. It was suggested:

  • the OSI Keyhole logo’s trademark should be reviewed, and guidelines created, to enable broader use (in line with OSI’s mission/OSD);
  • make it easier to contact the OSI to discuss trademark/logo questions (e.g., contact form directly on the guidelines pages),
    • should OSI create a similar/related mark to foster association;
  • Create incentives for “appropriate use” through “cultural affiliates”?

Organizational Goals for GM

With the newly hired General Manager present the Board reviewed the position as well as short-term and long-term expectations for the position.

  • Community support
  • Building/enabling community
  • Fund-raising
  • 6-month working plan w/ General Manager
    • Recruit and maintain at least 1000 Individual Members by May 16th, 2014
      • Gorilla marketing
      • Promotional collateral for individual
    • Publish bi-monthly OSI Member Newsletter
      • Examples of previous efforts
      • All individuals members, affiliates members, extended board, corporate patrons, press contacts
      • Allow folks to sign up
    • Produce a proposal for an improved web site (revision schedule upon approval)
      • Design
      • Content: accuracy, up-to-date,
      • Navigation seems OK, but is it incomplete.
      • Edit, review confirm.
    • Raise at least $40k USD in corporate fundraising by May 16th, 2014
      • Who has contributed?
      • How did we identify these?
      • Are there others that fit that model?
      • How there other models?
      • How do we contact with these (people)?
      • What do we offer patrons?
      • Corporate sponsors page.
    • Contact and communicate with each Affiliate Member by May 16th, 2014
    • Ensure an active Working Group process by May 16th, 2014
      • Simon’s slide to serve as framework.
      • Use Joesph Potvin’s Free/Libre/Open Works (FLOW) Management Education Questionnaire and Analysis to Identify Priorities for Advancing project as reference model for the Working Groups.
    • Create an annual budget and submit it for Board approval: Dec 4th, 2013
    • Manage contractors (e.g., infrastructure contractors)
      • CiviCRM: Open (RIMU Hosting)
      • Drupal: Open (RIMU Hosting)
      • eVote: Massimo Di Pierro (RIMU Hosting)
      • Redmine: ToolsCloud (ToolsCloud)
      • Mailman: Infrastructure (RIMU Hosting)
      • rest to be provided by K. Fogel
    • Manage logistics of face-to-face event, April 29 & 30.
    • Organize Board meetings and generally support the Board’s activities
      • Next face to face meeting
        • P. Masson to provide recommendation to Board for April 29 & 30 (Ottawa/San Paulo)

Creation of an Executive Committee

With the creation of the General Manager position, a reporting structure should be put in place.

MOTION: S. Phipps, Form a Ex. Committee to which the GM reports. The Ex. Committee shall be comprised the officers, excluding any employee that serves as an officer.
SECOND: K. Fogel
VOTE: PASSED by general consent.

Meeting Adjourned

MOTION: S. Phipps, Adjourn the meeting
SECOND: K. Fogel
VOTE: PASSED by general consent.