OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Fall 2019 Face-to-Face

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Fall 2019 Face-to-Face

Meeting called to order (quorum):

  • November 12, 2019, 9:20 a.m. CET
  • Zalando Offices
  • Tamara-Danz-Straße 1,
    10243 Berlin,


  • Board Members
    • Deb Bryant
    • Pam Chestek
    • Molly de Blanc (attended remotely via video/audio conference)
    • Hong Phuc Dang
    • Elana Hashman
    • Tracy Hinds
    • Faidon Liambotis
    • Patrick Masson
    • Simon Phipps
    • Josh Simmons
  • Guests
    • Phyllis Dobbs, OSI Controller and Accountant
      (Tue. Nov. 12, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. CET)

Board Elections

  • Secretary
    • The roles and responsibilities of the secretary were described.
    • Motion (Simon): appoint Patrick as secretary
      Second (Josh)
      see above
      Vote: Yes 11, No 0, Abstain 0

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer’s report (Hong)
    • See Appendix A — Treasurer’s Report
    • All Financial Reports are available on the OSI wiki, “Home” -> “Operations” ->”Financial Statements” at:: https://wiki.opensource.org/bin/Operations/Financial+Statements
    • TODOPatrick to give Deb and Tracey access to Quickbooks.
    • TODOHong developing an on-boarding process to help future treasurers with Josh’s support on knowledge transfer
    • TODOPatrick to organize meeting with Hong and Josh to discuss accounting practices.

Board Topics

  • GM discretionary spending limit (Patrick)
    • It has never been specified if the General Manager’s threshold for approving expendatures is for $1,200 per transaction, or $1,200 per activity.
    • Considering a transition to Program-based budgeting (with a goal toward annual planning), will annual expendatures included in the annual budget (e.g. $3,000 for the fiscal year), be considered “approved” or will each transaction require approval?
    • RESOLVED: All expendatures approved as part of the annual budget will be considered approved by the Board and not be required for approval at the time the costs are incurred. Cost over-runs or additional expendatures will need Board approval (if over the General Manager’s $1,200 threshold).
  • Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) Lunch, planning and discussions (Simon)
    • Last year OSI and FSFE met to introduce and understand common objectives/goals.
    • Currently working closely with FSFE on European Union (EU) issues around public policy.
    • OSI Directors and OSI Standards Chair are interested to hear about current work and see where alignment may offer further collaboraion
    • Planned activities:
      • introduce OSI Board
      • Participation in upcoming EU Digital Policy Directive workshop in Brussels (OSI will be sending Deb Bryant and Pam Chestek)
      • Simon explained to the Board the common objectives for the meeting and workshop.
        • OSI’s objectives include ensuring the Open Source Definition (OSD) is part of the European Commission’s (EC) policy and tender documentation.
        • OSI will recommend pointing to OSD in all EC policy and tender documents.
  • Annual Planning (Patrick)
    • TODOPatrick will add the following ro the 2020 Annual Plan.
      • Goals Discussion
      • Core Values
      • BHAG
        • Audacious goal – A day when everyone is (or businesses are) using and developing software – as open source – in the open because they recognize the value of open source.
        • Alternative: A day when the world is built on open source software because everyone recognizes the societal gain.
        • Emphasis – not just consuming or adopting, but actually contributing.
        • OSI-defined Open Source as the default, always.
        • Point raised that is should not just be businesses.
      • Brand Promise
        • Core constituent “Creators and Consumers”:
          • As a charity, the audience is the general public, which includes users and developers of software. 
          • However our core consituency is software developers or users.
          • There is a danger today that open source is being threatened or suggested to not be valid
        • Core Capabilities: inclusivity, neutrality, amoral
          • The mainstream of influence of community gave us authority to represent their interests
            • This was the key concept behind the creation of our membership (affiliate and individual)
        • Unique position: Inclusivity is a key concept for OSI; steward of the OSD.
          • Core of the open source community are our stakeholders
      • Winning Moves
        • Strategy 1: Establish our relevance through advocacy and determine our constituencies’ needs through providing member value in order to aggressively expand membership, reconfirm commitment from our corporate stakeholders
        • Strategy 2: Leverage our organization’s expertise to drive thought leadership and education on the topic of open source to own the narrative as the steward of the OSD
        • Strategy 3: Celebrate exemplars to champion the strengths of open source and bolster our ecosystem through a unified communication and content strategy.
      • Resources and Commitments
        • Internal Support Services
          • Operations (spend, travel)
          • Events (conferences, board meetings)
          • Infrastructure
          • Marketing
          • PR/Comms
          • Membership
          • Programs
        • Education (educational institutions)
          • FLOSS desktops
          • Open Source Technical Management
        • Licensing
          • License Review and Discuss
          • ClearlyDefined
          • Standards + related public policy
        • Incubator
          • Snowdrift
        • Outreach
          • Campaign for 2020 (“Voices of Open Source”, _)
          • Members’/community survey – understanding needs of constituents
          • OSI Public Speaker Program (e.g OSI Ambassadors) as a mechanism to push individual membership
          • Sustain and build indvidual and affiliate membership
          • OSI event
          • Business Education (Open Source Adoption Guide)
    • RESOLVED: The board agreed that the standing committee should cary forward with an “Programs-based Business Model” approach to annual planning and budegeting.
  • OSI Committee review
    • Incubator Committee
      • Chris added to incubator committee.
    • License committee review.
      • Tracy to licening committee
    • Membership Committee
      • No changes to membership committee.
    • Staffing Committee
    • Standards Committee
      • Deb joining standards committee
  • Motion (Elana): Dissolve fundraising committee
    Second (Pam)
    Discussion: Status, activities, and ongoing value of the fundraising committee was discussed.
    Vote: 11 yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain
  • Motion (Chris): Tracy joining licening committee, Deb joining standards committee, Patrick on staffing committee, Patrick Chris added to incubator committee.
    Second (Josh)
    Discussion: Status and role of the various committees were discussed.
    Vote: Yes 11, No 0 , Abstain 0
  • Motion (Josh): Tracy joining licening committee, Deb joining standards committee, Patrick on staffing committee, Patrick & Chris added to incubator committee.
    Second (Faidon)
    Discussion: Status, activities, and ongoing value of the fundraising committee was discussed.
  • Vote: Yes 9, No 0 , Abstain 0
  • TODO: Patrick to post committees and members to wiki
  • TODO: Patrick to post license committee and members to OSI website
  • Board Responsibilities
    • Can the Board identify specific responsibilities related to OSI business and promotion as “requirements,” writing blog posts, attending confrences/events.
    • TODO: Patrick to post to Board Elections page the average commitments (predecesors) of general board work and of offers.
  • Board Director onboarding and responsibilities
    • Discussions on spring meeting used for annual orientation and leadership.

Membership Topics

  • Membership report (Elana)
    • Brief report from Membership Committee, follow-up on Spring F2F actions: see Appendix B – Team Reports (Elana)
    • Holding quarterly calls with Affiliates
    • Asking for more promotional opportunities
    • Asking for eduation best practices.
    • Affiliates report they are happy to see OSI holding calls to support community
    • Need to improve messaging for non-traditional open source projects, e.g. user groups, educational institutions
    • Should OSI diferenciate between 501(c)3 and (c)6 orgs. Committee is not interested in differentiating between types.
    • Suggest asking affiliates for funds based on budget of organization.
    • Increasing value proposition will help generate support (funding)  
    • Targeted initiatives that align with affiliate’s mission will allow giving.
    • OSI could reach out for support of specific initiatives, rather than general giving, 
    • Generaly recommending to solicit funds from affiliates at a lower rate than corporate.
    • Discussions around currrent infrastructure
    • Discussions value proposition for individual and affiliate membership.
    • TODOElana to scheduling next meeting for Dec.
  • Motion (Patrick): Approve OFE as an OSI Affiliate Member
    Second (Deb)
    Discussion: Simon provided background of OFE as an organization and its activities. Simon also shared his association with OFE with the board. Review of OFE’s application.
    Vote: Yes 10, No 0, Abstain 1 (Simon)
  • OSI Europe
    • The OSI is perceived as an “American” organization.
    • Do not want to this perception to spark the creation of a new organization.
    • The OSI and board is active in Europe, but that activity may not be appriciated, understood, seen.
    • This might be an issue around marketing: not describing OSI in a global context but locally / regionally.
    • RESOLVED: Board believes the OSI is not representing itself as a global organization with members drawn globally.
    • How can the OSI engage better with European communities?
      • More engagement with European foundations, activities.
      • Work with EU should be highlighted.
      • Even small things, like Tweeting in native languages of membership could help.
      • TODOPatrick should modify and adopt efforts to highlight global perspective and activities.

Communications Topics

  • State of The Source Summit
    • TODOPatrick to provide list of conferences, and other existing events, of strategic value, including costs to board for review.
    • TODOPatrick to develop a proposal for a community conference focused on the state of open source software.

Fundraising Topics

  • Sustainability Planning (Patrick)
    • There may be no Open Source Business Model, but here is one for the Open Source Initiative.
    • The OSI should transition from a model relying on charitable giving, to one supported through affinity programs.
    • Today…
      • The OSI has historically provided one program, license review.
      • The OSI’s work in license review is viewed as benefiting the community as a whole.
      • Community-wide benefits are not usually perceived as a direct benefit by individual members of the community.
      • OSI support is derived from individual members of the community.
      • Individual members of the community perceive their support of the OSI, and the OSI’s work for the community as a whole, as charitable.
      • Individual members only direct benefit is through association and recognition with a respected open source organization.
      • The OSI has only one revenue stream, individual community members who donate  to support community work and seek to improve public relations.
    • Future…
      • The OSI develops and manages multiple programs.
      • Each program provides direct benefits to individual community members.
      • Individual community members will provide targeted support.
      • Targeted support provides funding for both the program and the OSI.
      • Multiple programs will provide multiple revenue streams.
    • Programs
      • Focus on areas of non-differentiation, provide shareable resources, and deliver cost savings.
      • Align with and/or extend core OSI brand and expertise.
      • Current examples include, Open Source and Standards, Open Source Technology Management.
      • Each program is managed by a dedicated program manager.
      • Non-competitive with existing partners, or partering with current.
    • Funding opportunities
      • Targeted giving to support specific programs that deliver direct value to the organization, and other peer organizations.
      • Membership levels, Individual Members though Advisory Members
      • Dedicated services, fees charged for extended services related to OSI programs.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:24PM CET Nov. 12, 2019

Meeting Commenced: 9:33AM CET Nov. 13, 2019


  • Board Members
    • Deb Bryant (left meeting Wed. Nov. 13, 4:00pm CET
    • Pam Chestek (left meeting Wed. Nov. 13, 4:00pm CET)
    • Molly de Blanc (attended remotely via video/audio conference)
    • Hong Phuc Dang
    • Elana Hashman
    • Tracy Hinds
    • Faidon Liambotis
    • Patrick Masson
    • Simon Phipps
    • Josh Simmons

Legal Topics

  • License Committee report (Pam)
    • Moderating lists
      • Challenged in identifing trolls, while also trying to respect those seeking privacy.
      • Tone has improved through more dedicated moderation.
    • Approved two legacy licenses.
    • European Space Agency (ESA) submitted licenses and both OSI and ESA responsiveness not ideal.
    • License Review and License Discuss summary reports status and review.
    • Discussion to expand role to track licenses, topics, process (publically readable).
    • Receive 0 – 2 license review requests per month 
    • TODO: Patrick to post October LD/LR reports
  • Discussion of Cryptographic Autonomy License (CAL) and broader licensing policy.
    • As currently submitted the CAL license would not be approved. The License committee will message to the list to explain what the board belives is appropraite scope, and seek modifications to address the Board’s concenrs.
  • Discussion on possible OSI Policy Statements:
    • “User Freedom” as a concept and label.
      • It is the OSI’s postion that a user of a software under an open source license must be able to run software without any obligation to the software author or other users.
      • How are the labels user freedon and the software freedom related.
        • User freedom focuses on users’ rights.
        • User freedom conveys a braoder meaning for many.
        • Where is the boundary for private/internal use?
    • Copyright License
      • What is the problem this policy is trying to address? Scope of open source licenses?
      • Tabled.
    • Freedom to Licese
      • It is the OSI’s position that all authors are free to choose the license most appropriate for their needs, weather open source proprietary, source available, freeware, or other license type.
      • What is the policy statement a solution to? That the OSI wants everything to be open source.
      • Concern statement is not aligned with OSI mission.
      • What is the OSI’s value statement that supports this policy statement: who is this embeded in the OSI mission, domain, charter.
        • Concern public perception is that the OSI argues open source licenses have “moral value.”
        • Concern that the statement might imply open source is not business friendly.
    • TODO: Pam will create a document to collaborate around on the scope of the above plocies.
  • Improvements to license review process (new tooling/process?)
    • Discussion around possible issues that might limit the OSI’s assessment of any submitted license.
    • RESOLVED: While some licenses may apepar obviously inappropriate, trolling efforts, etc., the board agreed it should evluate each licese submitted for review.
    • The board recognized there are issues around communications and consistancy in previous decisions, rationale for decisions, tracking processes, archiving, etc.
      • Are there tools that might provide these features?
      • Discussions around how to approach this.

Incubator/Project Topics

  • Discussion on
    • the role and values of incubators for the project and OSI.
    • the status of projects, “graduating,” “spin out” vs. “spin in.”
    • How can Incubators fit into new business model (Program-based budgeting).
  • ClearlyDefined Report (Chris)
    • Overview of the project.
    • Budgeting process discussed.
    • Currently looking for contrators.
    • Project is now avalable to run locally, to avoid any one organization from controlling the project.
    • Project reporting is managed through the project and provides OSI with annual reports.
    • Discussion around termonology and associations with OSI organization and operations.
  • FLOSS Desktops (Patrick)
    • Growing program at Siena College.
      • 2016 through 2019: 278 computers
      • 100% continued use +1 year.
      • Reports, “most popular course” with current waiting list of students.
    • Three new programs: Bishop Maginn High School (class of 30), Guilderland Library (Saturday program, two years), Troy Prep High School (one full-day workshops)
    • New program for laptops (running again in spring).
    • Working with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
    • Have candidate to manage program
      • Candidate is a current Siena College student and staff, working for Americorp
      • Using funding from 2018 fundraiser
      • Looking to formalize program and ensure sustainability.
      • Research activities: academic outcomes; continued interest in STEM, graduation rates.
      • RESOLVED: OSI approved community coordinator contract.
      • TODO: Patrick: follow up with Siena
  • Open Source Technology Management (Patrick)
    • Course starting Jan. 2020
    • Brandeis supporting Course Chair, Faculty
    • OSI oversight of faculty, content, etc.
    • 126 leads (completed course information request)
    • 84 through OSI
    • Tying participation (faculty, guest lecturer, content creation, texts) to OSI support.
    • Board would like to investigate opportunities to moving ahead.
    • Board should investigate options for research services.
    • Options for auditing the course by OSI directors.
    • TODO: Patrick: to provide updates on promotions to board. 
  • Standards (Simon)
    • Mirko Boehm now representing the OSI at various events.
    • A general history of the project was provided to the board.
    • A status report was provided around engagement
    • Sponsorship was discussed.
    • Outcome of current work is continued engagement with ETSI and ongoing strategy.
  • Snowdrift
  • Discussion on the status of Snowdrift (snowdrift.coop)
  • TODO: Patrick: to follow up on status and board sponsor through annual report.
  • Executive Session
    • Motion (Josh): Enter executive session at 12:00 on Nov 13 (without Patrick).
      Second (Faidon)
      : Enter executive session to discuss personal issues.
      Vote: Yes 10, No 0, Abstain 1 (Patrick)
    • Motion (Josh): Leave executive session at 12:30 on Nov 13 (without Patrick).
      Second (Molly)
      Discussion: —
      Vote: Yes 10, No 0, Abstain 0

Next Board Meeting

  • The next OSI board meeting is scheduled for December 13, 2019.


  • Motion (Josh): Adjourn the meeting.
    Second (Patrick)
    Discussion: Thanks were given for directors participation.
    Vote: Yes 9, No 0, Abstain 0

    • Meeting adjourned at: 5:18PM CET 2019

Appendix A – Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer’s Report For the Month Ending October 31, 2019
    • Total Assets at Beginning of Period, 10/01/19: $446,477
      • Revenue or Sources of Funds
        • Contributions: $2,125
        • Memberships: $1,000
        • Total Revenue or Sources of Funds: $3,125
      • Expenses or Uses of Funds
        • Compensation: $10,771
        • Fundraising Expense: $350
        • Legal & Professional Fees: $1,319
        • Office Expenses: $87
        • Program Service Expense: $20,000
        • Travel & Entertainment: $835
        • Other Expenses: $539
        • Total Expenses or Uses of Funds: $33,900
      • Change in Accounts Payable: -$9,763
      • Other $291
    • Total Assets at End of Period, 10/31/19: $406,231

Appendix B – Team Reports

  • Board Action Items
    • Google sheet with current items and status.
  • General Manager’s Report
    • General information
      • Administration
        • Accounting
        • Stop payment, improper charge
        • GM discretionary spending policy
      • Board
        • Appointed director candidate follow-up
        • F2F planning
        • On-boarding
        • Reimbursements
      • Insurance
        • D&O
        • Disability and Family Leave
    • Communications
      • Emails
        • 366 (relevant) emails received
        • 155 emails sent
      • Press
        • Opensource.com interview re. OSTM courses.
      • Conferences
        • All Things Open, planning and attendance
          • Open Source Technology breakfast: participants, Automatic, AWS, Bloomberg, Indeed, Juniper, Mattermost, Nexmo, Twitter, YottaDB
          • Booth Activities: 700+ stickers, 100+ informational packets (Affiliate Membership, Individual Membership, Sponsorship information), 2000 gift items in conference event bags, 50+ OSTM student and courses information packets, Individual (75+ individual membership cards), Affiliate Members (OASIS follow-up).
          • Partnerships: North American and European FOSS foundation consortium; Apress: discussed membership benefits related to discounts on open source and technology books; CHAOSS: inclusion of “OSI Approved Licensing” as metric in analysis of open source software projects and communities; FSF: Presentation at FOSDEM regarding license clarification and positioning; Gitlab: documentation of “Open Source Definition” to help users understand open source licensing and the OSI, use of “OSI Approved License” mark in licensing documentation; NextCloud: use of “OSI Approved License” mark in licensing documentation.
          • Sponsorship: Introductions, Automatitc, Capital One, CloudBees, Data Dog, HashiCorp, Nexmo, Mattermost, OpenTeams, Snyk, StackOverflow, YottaDB; Follow-ups, Bloomberg, Comcast, Gitlab, NextCloud, Wipro, VMWare; Confirmations, Bitgeria ($1000), Percona ($7500)
          • Press Activities: Interview with John Salter, Ars Technica (re. OSI/Brandeis OSTM program), Article pitch with Don Watkins, Opensource.com (re. OSI/Brandeis OSTM program)
          • Board Alumni: Vicky Brasseur, Danese Cooper, Christine Hall, Andrew Oliver
        • LF Open Source Summit Europe, planning and attendance
          • Community:
            • Open Forum Europe’s affiliate membership. Also discussed interest in the formation of a “foundation of foundations” as she feels the general public sees organizations working in/around open source as either, 1. competitors, or 2. unaware of similar work being done by others; Deb Goodkin,
            • FreeBSD: Discussed value proposition of the OSI for affiliate members and FreeBSD Foundation specifically. Discussed FreeBSd Foundation’s transition and maturity as an organization to help inform the OSI’s, e.g. board structure, staffing, management, budgeting and planning, etc.;
            • Open Source Africa Community: Discussed Open Source Community Africa’s membership for press release. Discussed possible affiliate membership of Sugar Labs;
            • Johns Hopkins University: Discussions on the creation of JHU’s OSPO (the first in Higher Education) and how to expand awareness of such at other institutions of higher education. Provided introductions to OSI affiliate member Apereo Foundation and EDUCAUSE. Also discussed areas of collaboration around OSI’s partnership with Brandeis University and the Open Source Technology Management specialization;
            • LinuxFund: DIscussed funding opportunities for OSI initiatives and affiliates. Submitted funding requests on behalf of Apereo Foundation and FLOSS Desktops for kids.
          • Communications: Interview with Philippe Lardy of OpenExpo. Podcast discussion on current and future activities of the OSI.
            • OSI Business: Mirko Boehm: General introductions. Discussed open issues around contract for Open Source and Standards contract; Deb Bryant: Provided updates on current OSI and Board activities. Met with representatives of IBM to secure sponsorship.
          • Sponsorship
            • Contacts: Mark Gisi, Windriver; Dirk Hohndel, VMWare; Brian Hsieh, Uber; Lars Kurth, Citrix; Todd Moore, IBM; Thomas Petazzoni, Bbootlin; Yvonne Wassenaar, Puppet
            • Introductions: AutoDesk; HPE; Kiwi; PagerDuty; Toshiba; Uber;
            • Follow-ups: Amazon, Comcast, Facebook, Google; IBM, Juniper, Microsoft, RedHat, PerconaLive: reimbursements and conference material mailings
        • Social Media
          • Blog posts
            • Network Time Foundation Joins Open Source Initiative: 3317 reads
            • OSI Announces Appointment of New Board Directors, 3948 reads
            • Commitment To Elevating The Very Best, 4051 reads
            • Open Preservation Foundation Joins Open Source Initiative, 1890 reads
            • What OSI Affiliates Are Doing For Open Source, 2286 reads
            • OpenCore Summit response
          • Twitter, October 2019: Tweets , 110; impressions, 575.6K; Engagements, 1,908
            • “Registration open for OSI Affiliate @sysarmy’s http://Nerdear.la: find help & help others, attend talks/workshops, share what you’re working on, meet awesome people.
            • Oct. 17–19 Centro Cultural Kónex, Buenos Aires, Argentina https://nerdear.la/en #opensource:” Impressions, 13,132; Total engagements, 85; Link clicks, 31; Retweets, 14; Likes, 14; Profile clicks, 9
            • “Registration open for OSI Affiliate @sysarmy’s http://Nerdear.la: find help & help others, attend talks/workshops, share what you’re working on, meet awesome people.
            • “The promise of #opensource is higher quality, better reliability, greater flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in:” Impressions, 10,959; Total engagements, 42; Likes, 22; Retweets, 11; Profile clicks, 4; Replies, 1
            • “Software freedom is essential to enabling community development of #opensource software:” Impressions, 9,218; Total engagements, 25; Likes, 12; Retweets, 5; Profile clicks, 4
            • “The Open Source Definition: https://opensource.org/osd #opensource #oss #foss #osi:” Impressions, 9,218; Total engagements, 25; Likes, 12; Retweets, 5; Profile clicks, 4
          • Direct mailings
            • “Rensselaer Center for Open Source, guest speakers:” Intended Recipients, 74; Successful Deliveries, 74 (100.00%); Unique Opens, 35 (47.30%); Total Opens, 109; Click-throughs, 9 (12.16%); Unsubscribe Requests, 0 (0.00%)
            • “Greant Survey Announcement 001:” Intended Recipients, 1674; Successful Deliveri, 1652 (98.69%); Unique Opens, 486 (29.42%); Total Opens, 1228; Click-throughs, 175 (10.59%); Unsubscribe Requests, 0 (0.00%)
            • “OSTM Survey 01:” Intended Recipients, 8260; Successful Deliveries, 6848 (82.91%); Unique Opens, 1447 (21.13%); Total Opens, 1973; Click-throughs, 15 (0.22%); Unsubscribe Requests, 0 (0.00%)
            • “OSTM Survey 02:” Intended Recipients    7067; Successful Deliveries, 6831 (96.66%); Unique Opens, 1435 (21.01%); Total Opens, 2470; Click-throughs, 242 (3.54%); Unsubscribe Requests, 0 (0.00%)
            • “OSTM Survey 03:” Intended Recipients, 6954; Successful Deliveries, 6788 (97.61%); Unique Opens, 1274 (18.77%); Total Opens, 1973; Click-throughs, 110 (1.62%); Unsubscribe Requests    0 (0.00%)
            • “Reminder, OSTM, All Things Open Breakfast::” Intended Recipients, 71; Successful Deliveries, 71 (100.00%), Unique Opens,  31 (43.66%), Total Opens, 57; Click-throughs, 1 (1.41%); Unsubscribe Requests, 0 (0.00%)
            • “Reminder: Updates to the OSI Board: Appointed Directors:” Intended Recipients, 454; Successful Deliveries, 452 (99.56%); Unique Opens, 211 (46.68%); Total Opens, 346; Click-throughs, 3 (0.66%); Unsubscribe Requests, 0 (0.00%)
          • Mailing Lists:
            • Advocate Circle: 0
            • Affiliates: 0
            • Contact: 9
            • Members: 1
            • Membership: 15
            • OSI: 34
            • Press: 2
            • Trademarks: 3
        • Fundraising:
          • Current sponsorship status at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nF6T3MRxrmbvElgb0yWxc1U1nQsDY_u9Q67FqnFjark/edit#gid=0
            • Benevity renewal
            • Bitgeria: follow up regarding sponsorship renewal
            • Comcast:: follow up regarding sponsorship
            • CooltechZone commitment ($1,000)
            • Facebook: Invoicing and payment processing
            • GitHub: invoicing
            • GitLab: ATO and OSCON follow-up
            • Google: Sponsorship contract / agreement
            • LinuxFund: payment/deposit confirmation
            • OpenTeams: ATO follow-up, in-kind sponsorship for hosting OSI members, communities
            • Percona: follow up regarding sponsorship renewal
        • Infrastructure
          • GSuites: Account management
          • Xwik: training contract & security updates
        • Incubator Projects
          • ClearlyDefined invoicing and contracting
          • FLOSS Desktops community coordinator job description
          • OSTM:
            • Course faculty recruitment
            • Course design (content development)
            • Market survey
          • Standards:
            • Boehm contracting
            • ETSI meeting planning
        • Licensing/Policy
          • Affirmation of OSD
            • OpenForumEurope
          • European Commission meeting, communications and planning
          • Linux Foundation: SPDX license exceptions
          • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP: opportunities to support Lic. Review
          • n8n: Use of open source label, Github.
        • Membership
          • Affiliates:
            • Apereo: Diversity Scholarships
            • CAVO: San Francisco’s open source elections
            • MariaDB: solicitation for funding
            • .Net: initial interest
            • Network Time Foundation on-boarding
            • OpenForumEurope application
            • Open Preservation Foundation on-boarding
            • Open Source Community Africa on-boarding
            • Open Culture Foundation on-boardin
            • RCOS: Guest speaker recruitment
          • Individuals:
            • Current members, 503; all time paid members, 2609; supporters, 3195; total contacts, 9973; Members201910.png
        • Trademarks
          • International Data Spaces Association