Fall 2016 Face to Face Board Meeting Minutes

Fall 2016 Face to Face Board Meeting Minutes


Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 09:14 UTC.


Board Members

  • Allison
  • Italo
  • Leslie
  • Patrick
  • Molly
  • Zack
  • Deb
  • Richard
  • Josh  (dialed in, Nov. 14, 3:00 – 4:00)



Sent Regrets

  • Mike
  • Paultag

Officer Reports

  • Motion to approve minutes (Patrick) [postponed]
  • Treasurer’s report (Mike), see Appendix A
    • PATRICK: Present proposal and qualification to board of alternative book-keeper.
      Include full set of duties of book keeping /accounting.
  • Budget review (Allison)
    • Budget income: $174,200
    • Actual income: $167,631.53
    • Income difference: -$6568.47
    • Outstanding invoices: $5k, $4k, ~$2k = ~$11k
    • Budget expense: $145,000
    • Actual expense: $136,963.76
    • Expense difference: $8,036.24

Board Topics

  • FSF collaboration (Allison)
    • Develop license list
    • Clearly articulate the value of defining a shared set
    • Zack: frequency of licenses
    • History of open source and free software
    • Doc review (Allison)

Membership Topics

  • New possible Affiliate Membership benefit
    • Swapability (accounts for affiliate members)
      PATRICK: follow up.

Communications Topics

  • New volunteers:
    • Video blog from OSI member
    • Invite to Comms meeting: Nov. 23 11:00 ET
    • Website design / content management from OSI member
    • Invite to Comms meeting: Nov. 23 11:00 ET
  • Media Outreach Project (background, strategy and activities)
    • ITALO: provide Patrick topics for research
    • e.g. security
    • Supporting documentation for assertions.
    • Invest funds in marketing activities – specifically, staffing
    • Age of Peers may be a possibility (also see 20th anniversary)
    • Action LH & Patrick: create a scope of work document for review by board on marketing assistance and then shop to AoP and ask for quote
    • Board setting the high level goals and ask how they would move the dial
    • Advertise on OSI website saying we’re looking for lean, high impact marketing help – widen the net?
  • Bring back the newsletter?
    • It’s going out quarterly

Fundraising Topics

  • End-of-year fundraising drive
    • Action LH: write another email for end of year fundraising campaign (reuse why I am a member of the OSI and you should be too blog post)
    • PATRICK: To do ist in XWiki.

Legal Topics

  • Facebook React license.
  • Support code.gov: work with feds to adopt policy inline with industry standards related to what constitutes open source software per OSI Approved Open Source Licenses. “The OSI cannot recommend the software distributed at code.gov as we cannot assume the open source software development community that the licenses attached guarantee software freedom.”
  • TL;DR legal and links to other license information
    • Don’t display the link to TLDR legal more prominently (e.g. not bolded)
    • check on the choosealicense.com links
    • use paultag’s metatdata repo to autogenerate these entries on all license pages
  • Trademark updates
    • Wunderbar: PATRICK: follow up with Pam
    • OpenCV: PATRICK: follow up with Mark
    • Mike to submit CDDL 1.1 for review: PATRICK: remind Mike about CDDL
    • Taiga review
      • PATRICK & ALLISON: create tickets for F2F tasks
      • ALLISON: create tickets for ongoing license reviews & react rider

Infrastructure Topics

  • Gandi migration, deadline: Dec 1st
    • New instances of our services (IaaS + PaaS) have been created with the help of our Gandi contact
    • ZACK: take care of the migration, early next week (21-23)
    • PATRICK: Coordinate Zack, Pat, Brian and Nick for migration planning.
    • Getting rid of our VM and/or move mail & mailing list to external hosting
    • Goal is get rid of mail/mailing list hosting, because that is what requires manpower for little value; keep the VM as playground (e.g., for the API server hosting)
    • For mail we just have forward, so we can use gandi, which offers the service as part of domain registration
    • For mailing lists we need to explore third party hosting
    • ZACK: check with riseup if they’d be willing, in exchange of a recurring donation from OSI
    • ALLISON: send pointers to mailing list hosters she is already using to infra@
    • We have a volunteer (via Allison) sysadm, YAY \o/ ALLISON: make introductions and put him in touch with infra@

Incubator/Project Topics

Other Topics

  • Discuss plan for 20th anniversary celebration (PATRICK: Transfer to wiki page)
    • Age of Peers (see above marketing): event planning/organization/promotion
    • Physical event (co-located with OSCON 2018? also a party at LibrePlanet?)
    • ALLISON: Letter to Board-Plus
    • ALLISON: take Rachel out to coffee
    • Invite our affiliates to participate
    • Debian as a headliner, as inspiration for OSD
    • Apache (see if they can rejoin)
    • Andy Updegrove (author of MIT license)
    • Posts on significant points in the history of open source
    • Monthly activities
      • Less to more specific
    • Develop tag line.
    • FUD hall of fame
    • TImeline for people to sign up when they started with open source.
    • Swag
    • Audiences/Participants
    • Board alum
    • Significant media
    • Affiliates & affiliate members
    • Pres. Obama
    • Other FLOSS foundation leadership
    • Historical artifacts
    • Membership benefit/discount

======== (adjourn, 5:00PM)=========
====== (Call to order, 10:00AM)=======

  • Form Elections Committee for 2016
    • Patrick, Italo, Deb
    • TImeline (sync with memebership drive)
      • Send invites in January for people to self nominate
      • First Monday in March election opens
      • Election process runs two weeks
      • Hold special board meeting to appoint nominated (“elected”) directors
      • Next f2f meeting wll be in US, where newest members will then join for the first time
      • Review existing and update,
        • Generate candidate info sheet: responsibilities of board & board members, gaps on the board and with retiring board members.
        • Message may come from President; year in review 
      • Next up for elections
        • Leslie’s term will end, will not stand again
        • Zack will decide later
        • Richard will likely run
        • Allison will likely run again
      • Post Election intel readout
        • Look through candidates platforms and make a list of the things they’d hoped to do, if elected, for folks that did not bring that list to the board meeting for discussion on ways to plug them in to OSI
  • Diversity speakers travel fund (new incubator soft proposal)
    • Allison has an interest in assisting folks that have not been able to participate due to travel limitations
    • Outreachy has had a good impact
    • But public speaking is a gap and a barrier to further paricipation and their career
    • Has been managing a globally diverse team
    • Visibility through travel, funding made the difference they would not been able to othewise be seen and heard
    • Has spoken to other companies
    • Would be treated like an incubator project
    • Create a committee
    • Open broadly to scholarship
    • Consider prioriitizing first time speakers
    • Well-received in meeting, Allison will return with a proposal
  • Checkin from April meetings
    • civiCRM integration to allow members to login and renew
      • We are back in business on using CiviCRM for membership mailings, and are finding aboug 1,200 addresses that need to be cleaned.
      • We had self-signup running for a time in error so we got swamped by spammers, no cleaning up
      • We should have a campaign to research out to renewing members (or someone that should haveI) to catch that may have not been able to do so
      • Will be ready for next membership drive!
    • Discounts for members of Affiliate organizations
      • Drupal was interested but may have lost momentum in gaining official approval
      • Drupal – Deb offered to reach out to Holly to answer any questions
      • But we need to gain interest of others
      • We can/should generate discount codes
      • Should be first year only
      • For events, we would offer for example 75% discounts
      • For affiliates, it should be 100% discount
      • Should send code each year to the affiliated memberships for them to distribut to their *current* members
      • PATRICK: Figure the above out.
      • Brainstorm on Affiliate outreach for discounts 
      • Target Orgs and who will help with outreach
      • Patrick should start by emailing board a paragraph introducing the campaign based on our decisions today to make them work
        • Debian – Zack
        • Free BSD – Leslie
        • Kaiyuanshe – Patrick
        • KDE – Leslie
        • Linux Foundation – Deb will figure out who to work with
        • Mozilla Foundation – Allison will contact Gerv
        • Linux Fund – is a fading org *but* may have project funds to donate to a specific OSI project – propose (after it’s formalized) contributing to the new Diversity Travel initaitive (for new speakers)
        • OSHERA – Patrick
        • OSSI (is it gone?) – Deb
        • Outrecurve – Leslie will check for pulse
        • Puerto Rico – Patrick
        • Sahana Fdn – Leslie
        • SouJava – Patrick
        • SysAmdin Army – Patrick
        • misc tasks: Remove inBloom, it’s gone
  • Major milestones for year:
    • Increase Individual Membership (target 1000 members)
      • PATRICK:
        • Target previous members
        • Regular annual drive
        • Target events
        • Target affiliates
    • Increase sponsorship (target increase $40k/year)
      • PATRICK: contact Chris A. re. Todo: offer Allison.
      • Invite individuals working in Open Source Offices to join as corporations.
      • PATRICK: email contacts on brainstorm list.
    • Engaging more with Affiliates (metric TBD)
      • emails on the Affiliates mailing list
      • ITALO: send Patrick into for Affiliate list. 
      • PATRICK: send invite to Affiliate reps inviting theme to sign up for affiliate list.
    • Non profit work
      • new projects like Diversity travel scholarship
      • Creating volunteer organization, program to recruit more volunteers
      • PATRICK: email board for ideas on tasks.
    • Infrastructure
      • Transition OSI lists away from Simon as moderator, migrate to ask.opensource.org?
      • PATRICK: Follow up with JOSH, re. status of, and possible services.
      • LESLIE: Will check in with Discourse.org, if we haven’t already established another forum.

Review of Timeline

  • Planning Timeline

Next Board MeetingThe next OSI board meeting is scheduled for Dec 14, 2016

Meeting adjourned at, 3:00pm CET



Appendix A – Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report For the Month Ending October 31, 2016

Current Assets

  • Checking/Savings
    • Wells Fargo Main Checking 4…: 46,169.59
    • Wells Fargo Main Savings 78…: 21,489.27
    • PayPal: 826.35

Total Checking/Savings: 68,485.21

Total Current Assets: 68,485.21

TOTAL ASSETS 68,485.21


  • Current Liabilities
  • Other Current Liabilities
  • Payroll Liabilities: -2,631.92

Total Other Current Liabilities: -2,631.92

Total Current Liabilities: -2,631.92

Total Liabilities: -2,631.92


Opening Bal Equity: 97,212.11

Unrestrict (retained earnings): -56,762.75

Net Income: 30,667.77

Total Equity: 71,117.13


Appendix B – Team Reports

Communications Team

Membership Team

Fundraising Team

Infrastructure Team

Legal Team

Incubator/Projects Team