September 14th 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

September 14th 2016 Board Meeting Minutes


Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 16:16 UTC.


Board Members

  • Paul
  • Allison
  • Leslie
  • Josh
  • Deb


Expected, but Not Present

Sent Regrets

  • Italo
  • Stefano (zack)
  • Molly
  • Patrick
  • Richard

Private discussion on Wunderbar:- Ask Pam for recommendations on next steps- If monetary penalty is taken, should donate to some other organization. Prefer no money to be involved, to keep motives clear.- Priority on guarantee that trademark logo will not be used on any *future* packaging, and public statement about invalid use of trademark
[ACTION] Allison to follow up with Jim Zemlin on Linux Foundation naming (again).

Meeting adjourned at 16:34 UTC.


Motion (Allison): Approve and post the meeting minutes of August 2016.
Second (Paul).
3 Yes; 0 No; 2 Abstain.

Motion (Allison): Approve the proposal to launch the Open Education Working Group
Second (Josh).
[Deb] Suggest for the public-facing pages to clearly state the goals, objectives, and deliverables.
5 Yes; 0 No; 0 Abstain.