OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 08:15 am PT.


  1. Mr. Michael Tiemann, President (joined at 830am)
  2. Ms. Danese Cooper, Treasurer
  3. Mr. Ken Coar, Director (joined at 830am)
  4. Ms. Nnenna Nwakanma, Director
  5. Mr. Andrew Oliver, Director
  6. Ms. Alolita Sharma, Secretary


  1. Mr. Karl Fogel, Invited Guest (on irc)
  2. Mr. Zak Greant, Board Observer (on irc)

Expected, but Not Present

  1. Mr. Harshad Gune, Director
  2. Mr. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Director
  3. Mr. Bdale Garbee, Board Observer
  4. Mr. Ernest Prabhakar, Board Observer
  5. Mr. Mark Radcliffe, General Counsel
  6. Mr. Bruno Souza, Director Emeritus
  7. Mr. Merrill Freund (Schwartz Communications)

Sent regrets

  1. Mr. Martin Michlmayr, Director
  2. Mr. Russell Nelson, Director


  1. New business


  1. New business

    OSI Face-to-face meetings at OSCON in San Jose (Discussion)

    Location for F2F meetings on July 16-17, 2009:
    DLA Piper has offered their offices in Palo Alto (for free) for holding the OSI face to face meetings on Thursday and Friday. We have a room for 10 people for both days starting 8am to 6pm. The OSI will have to pay for any food/beverages during the meeting.

    Agenda for face-to-face meetings
    Mr. Tiemann is expecting that we will discussing membership issues and how the OSI can make this process successful. Mr. Oliver reports that Mr. Cowan and Mr. Berkus have both resigned from the membership list. Working drafts for a consensus plan as well as an opposition plan could be put together at the face to face meetings. We could use a morning session to scope out the plan. The afternoon session could be used for debating the membership plans put together. The first day could be used for putting the proposal together. The second day could be used for vetting the proposals. Mr. Tiemann proposes that we could organize, highlight and activate organizational energy for OSI projects. Mr. Coar mentioned that the charter membership may not have been the best group for defining the OSI’s direction and goals. Mr. Tiemann believes building constituencies for active projects may be the only practical way to build the OSI’s membership. Ms. Sharma supports Mr. Tiemann’s idea of building constituencies and also proposes that we as a board to discuss active projects that we will/can engage in the coming year.

    “Come Join Us” can be our message for the public OSI meeting, if we decide to have one. “What can you do with the OSI?” can be another message to talk about initiatives/projects to recruit people to work on these projects.

    What would we like to accomplish at this upcoming meeting:

    • Get project infrastructure up (svn, mediawiki. mailing lists)
    • Infrastructure committee for resources acquisition.
    • Logo Usage guidelines – walkthrough with DLA Piper team and prepare final version
    • Proposals on open data, open standards/policy
    • Board attendance at F2F

    OSI Public meeting at OSCON

    • Meeting date and location (to be held in week of July 20-24, 2009) is now set for Thursday, 23, 2009. Ms. Cooper is to organize a room at lunch time for the public meeting.
    • Public meeting agenda: Talk about OSI projects and membership.
    • A bridge will be set up for the meeting, details will follow.
    • Membership discussion

    Other activities

    • Booth at OSCON: There will be no booth at the OSCON Expo this time.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PDT.