OSI Board Meeting Minutes, February 6th, 2008

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, February 6th, 2008

Attendees (Quorum reached and meeting called to order 8:10am PST):

(by phone)
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary and Treasurer
Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Mr. Ken Coar, Director
Mr. Russell Nelson, Director
Mr. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Director (joined at 8:38am PST)

Mr. Ernest Prabhakar

(by IRC)
Mr. Raj Mathur, Director
Ms. Nnenna Nwakanma, Director
Ms. Alolita Sharma, Director

Mr. Zak Greant


Mr. Matt Asay, Director
Mr. Mark Radcliffe, General Counsel
Mr. Bruno Souza, Director
Mr. Andrew C. Oliver, Board Observer
Mr. B’dale Garbee, Board Observer
Mr. Fede Heinz, Board Observer
Mr. Merrill Freund (Schwartz Communications)

1. Officer reports
a) President

The Jacobsen case
continues to pose a threat to the open source community in as much as it threatens to bring a wrongly reasoned argument about copyright and the GNU General Public Licnese before the US Court of Appeals. Mark Radcliffe hosted a conference call to discuss how we might go about convincing Jacobsen to focus his legal energies where they can possibly do him good, and to drop the bits that do him no good and potentially do harm to the GPL.

I have begun speaking with members of other boards that seem to have surpassed the problems presently experienced by the OSI board: lack of commitment, lack of sense of direction, etc. I expect to write up a series of thoughts for discussion at the March Face-to-Face meeting in Chicago.

Danese Cooper is working hard to get us a great rate for a centrally located hotel in downtown Chicago. Thanks, Danese!

Russ Nelson has updated the license approval list to match the list of currently approved licenses. Thanks, Russ!

Ernie is now fully engaged as the moderator of license-discuss. Thanks, Ernie!

Matt Asay and Raj Mathur have both informed me and Danese of their desire to leave the board. We will miss their service.

I have nothing to report on the subjects of fund raising, Japanese font license discussion or the Legal Advisory Board press release (which sits in Danese’s court).

b) General Counsel
c) Secretary

Please review [minutes for Wednesday january 9th 2008]

Mr. Tiemann moves to approve minutes as edited for public distribution. Seconded by Mr. Nelson. Passed unanimously.

and [minutes for friday january 11th 2008] for acceptance for public posting

Mr. Tiemann moves to approve minutes as edited for public distribution. Seconded by Mr. Coar. Passed unanimously.

Report on arrangements for the Face to Face meeting.

d) Treasurer

Cash reserves report. Money has been moved to cover pending Face to Face meeting.

Paypal account. Mr. Nelson has taken steps to try to recover our Paypal account, which has been lost due to missing password. Mr. Nelson and Ms. Cooper will contact Mr. Rosen about providing Paypal with a Change of Address.

2. Committee reports
a) Licensing Committee (Russ)

This was the first month that the License Approval Process was accomplished via the License Review, but Mr. Nelson has no internet access today due to weather emergency and so can’t access License Review.

Affero is the main license pending, and is still under discussion.

3. Old Business
a) Alfresco Internationalization report (Ms. Sharma)
Meeting was held on January 18th with Alfresco. Appears from that conversation that Alfresco will not be a good answer for our internationalization needs. Proposal for further discussion at the Face to Face, pending Steve Mallet’s participation.

b) Confirm attendence and schedules for March f2f

4. New Business
a) Discussion of how to backfill key positions to help when acts of God (such as weather issues) prevent timely participation.

b) Program Manager Search: Ms. Cooper and Mr. Prabakar have reviewed the resumes we received and letters are pending. Discussion of how to proceed with interview process. Ms. Nwakanme suggests that we develop a series of questions to further narrow the pool of candidates. Ms. Cooper will send out letters today as per [Responses to job applicants]

c) OSCON anniversary: Discussion of plans for upcoming OSCON.

Meeting Adjorned 09:39 PST.