OSI Board Meeting Minutes, January 11th, 2008

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, January 11th, 2008

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Meeting called to order at 8:00am PST

Ms. Danese Cooper
Mr. Michael Tiemann
Ms. Alolita Sharma
Mr. Russ Nelson
Mr. Ken Coar
Ms. Nnenna Nwakanma
Mr. Raj Mathur
Mr. Zak Greant

Topics held for next meeting due to time constraints:
1. Old Business

a) Japanese Fonts (Mr. Tiemann)
Discussion of problem / opportunity of adding OSI support for licenses written in languages other than English. Japanese developers need to support Unicode characters. Mr. Mark Webbink (of our Legal Advisory Board) has previously indicated that he welcomes the challenge of working on the Japanese Font issue. We can use the TRAC system to manage talking points with the Japanese group. Mr. Tiemann will draft language for review by board.

b) Alfresco Internationalization report (Ms. Sharma)
Will set up concall with Alfreso and our webmasters to get a common understanding of what will happen next. Ms. Sharma will report progress and hopefully a work schedule with Alfresco at the next BOD meeting. She hopes to have Alfresco installed before next BOD meeting for testing. Goal is we should have a defined workflow whereby anybody can write a translation of any page, some trusted, qualified reviewer (or sufficiently independent reviewing parties) can validate it, and then it becomes a translated page. Separately, we have a way to set lang prefs so that if there is a native page in the pref’d lang, it is shown (with a link back to English). Discussion of how to get reviewers we can trust.

c) Minutes scrub (Mr. Tiemann)
Ms. Cooper left the quorum at 8:46am PST, but Mr. Coar and Nnenna joined before 9:00am (PST). The minutes edited and approved were:

* December 13, 2006 (moved by Mr. Tiemann, seconded by Ms. Sharma, passed by general assent with Mr. Nelson and Ms. Nwakanma absent)
* January 31, 2007 (moved by Mr. Tiemann, seconded by Ms. Sharma, passed unanimously)
* February 1, 2007 (moved by Mr. Tiemann, seconded by Ms. Sharma, passed unanimously)
* February 7, 2007 (moved by Mr. Tiemann, seconded by Mr. Mathur, passed unanimously)
* March 9, 2007 (moved by Mr. Tiemann, seconded by Ms. Cooper, who rejoined at 10:00am PST, passed unanimously)

Ms. Nwakanma excused herself from the meeting at 10:00am PST and did not vote on the March 9, 2007 minutes.
2. New Business

a) 10th Anniversary plans for OSCON
Discussion and brainstorming about 10 anniversary party plans. 2008 is also 10th anniversary of OSCON. Ms. Cooper will schedule a brainstorming session with O’Reilly.
b) OSI Enforcement
c) Observer Code of Conduct

Meeting adjourned at 10:22am PST.