OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Feb 7th, 2007

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, Feb 7th, 2007

Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary & Treasurer
Mr. Ken Coar, Director and Chair of Membership Committee
Mr. Russ Nelson, Director and Chair of License Approval Committee, Co-Chair of License Proliferation Committee
Mr. Matt Asay, Director
Mr. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Director
Dr. Ernie Prabakar, Board Observer
Mr. Mark Radcliffe, Esq., Corporate Legal Counsel

Meeting called to order at 11:09AM EST with voting quorum established


1. Approval of minutes from February 1, 2007 meeting.

Mr. Tiemann motions to approve minutes for publication.
Mr. Asay seconds motion. Passed by general assent.

2. Face to Face meeting.

The Board will conduct a Face to Face meeting with all Board Members present in San Francisco March 8th through March 10th, 2007. Specific venue still TBD.

3. Upcoming Conferences.

Discussion of calendar of Board Member speaking engagements underwritten by the OSI.

As resolved earlier, any individual OSI Board Member who wants to represent the organization at a given conference should do so, and should seek assistance from OSI as needed. Current Calendar for appearance by the Board Entire:

*OSCON 2007 (July 23rd to 27th, 2007, Portland, Oregon)
*Fosdem 2008 (February 2008, Brussels, Belgium)

Mr. Tiemann agreed to create a public calendar of OSI Board Member speaking engagements.

4. Board election update

Election scheduled to be held at OSI Board Face to Face meeting on March 9th. Candidate applications currently being solicited.

5. New OSI Website

Mr. Coar motions to approve Terms Of Service subject to his corrections.
Mr. Tiemann seconds motion. Passed by General Assent.

This is the last item remaining before publication of the website.

6. Legal Services Coordinator

Mr. Coar agreed to take on the job of coordinating OSI’s pro bono legal counsel for 2007.

7. Comittee reports

No change since last report.

No change since last report.

*License Approval
Mr. Nelson verified that the “Honest Public License”, although proposed was never actually submitted to License Discuss. Discussion of Attribution Licenses is currently the primary issue.

*License Proliferation
There has been adequate opportunity for stakeholder discussion of the License Proliferation Report. Mr. Nelson will prepare the report for Board Ratification for the March 9th meeting.

Mr. Coar has created a forum on the new OSI Website for public discussion of Membership topic.

Mr. Tiemann moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:57PM EST
Mr. Coar seconded the motion. Meeting Adjourned