OSI Board Meeting Minutes, January 31, 2007

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, January 31, 2007


Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary & Treasurer
Mr. Matt Asay, Director
Mr. Russ Nelson, Director
Mr. Mark Radcliffe, General Counsel and Board Observer

Meeting called to order 7:00PM EST


This was non-voting discussion call to attempt to drive a consensus Board opinion about the boundaries of Attribution that the OSD permits, and under which theory (OSD #4, #6, and/or #10).

There are wikis available for collecting both the For and Against arguments related to GAP (Generic Attribution Provision).


Mr. Tiemann concluded the meeting by remarking that we have continued to defer the GPLv3 discussion, but the GPLv3 question is going to require the same careful close reading that the attribution discussion has forced.

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm EST