OSI Board Meeting Minutes, July 7, 2006

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, July 7, 2006

Minutes OSI Board Meeting 7 July 2006 – Special topic "Open Standards"


Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary & Treasurer
Mr. Ken Coar, Director
Mr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, Director
Mr. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Director
Mr. Matt Asay, Director
Mr. David Axmark, Board Observer
Ms. Sally Khundairi, Board Observer

Meeting called to order 11:16am EDT


0. Ms. Sally Khudairi

Mr. Ken Coar motioned that we add Ms. Sally Khudairi (Halo Worldwide) as a board observer. Mr. Tiemann seconded. Passed by general acclamation.

Ms. Khudairi will be given access to the wiki and will be included on board call announcements in future.

1. Open Standards

Mr. Ghosh suggested and we agreed to change messaging to refer to "Open Standards for Software" (as opposed to the entire universe of Open Standards).

Discussion of whether to create a mark for Open Standards? Mr. Tiemann feels it is too much work to do until we have gathered substantial support for our Requirements doc….may reconsider after we have built demonstrable consensus. Mr. Tiemann will edit the Requirements document to reflect this strategy.

Ms. Cooper began an FAQ document on the private wiki for eventual use on the public pages. Board should contribute.

Meeting adjorned 12:30am EDT