OSI Board Meeting Minutes, May 11, 2005

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, May 11, 2005

Wednesday May 11, 2005


Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary / Treasurer
Mr. Russ Nelson, Director
Mr. Ken Coar, Director
Mr. Bruno Souza, Director
Mr. Joi Ito, Director
Mr. Sanjiva Weewarawana, Director
Mr. Eric Raymond, Founder and Director Emeritus
Mr. Mark Radcliffe, Legal Counsel
Ms. Laura Majerus, Legal Counsel

Board members absent: Mr. Rishab Ghosh

Quorum Established at 8:10am EDT


0)Secretary/Treasurer (Ms. Cooper) presented report on available cash resources. Discussion of $1000 held back by former Secretary and General Counsel, Mr. Larry Rosen, to cover 2004 taxes.

Motion passed by general consent on budget for travel to the FISL conference in Brazil:

  • Mr. Steve Mallet (webmaster) and Mr. Nelson (director) cost not to exceed $1500
  • Mr. Raymond cost not to exceed $600 due to his travel subsidy received from FISL

Reimbursements: Ms. Laura Majerus – reimbursement for Open Source Business Conference
Engagement Letters: DLA Piper, Ms. Cooper has refaxed
Expense Policy: Mr. Tiemann owes to Board

1)Legal Counsel Report (Mr. Radcliffe and Ms. Majerus)
 -inventory of open legal issues which are pending decision

Committee Structure: Mr. Radcliffe reiterates that committees must be formalized (must meet and must vote). Mr. Radcliffe has reviewed Apache By-Laws and has concluded that their requirements are similar (whether or not that format is followed). Mr. Coar states that we need to organize to limit requirements for live or synchronous attendance meetings. Mr. Tiemann talks about Strawpoll Votes: Advise the advisory committees to include straw poll votes to backup consensus-driven advice. Must have at least one director on each committee, although they don’t have to lead the committee. Discussion of majority vs. minority report to the BOD.

Mr. Radcliffe owes Ms. Cooper a code of conduct statement.

2)International Events
 a)- FISL Meeting discussion (Ms. Cooper)
 who is attending and what dates?
To send to Mr. Souza,
 -what activities/speaking engagements are we committed to?
Need presentation Title from Mr. Raymond
Keynote: Ms. Cooper (will send slides to OSI)
Session: Mr. Raymond, Joint Session (Licensing, Meet the OSI)
Closed Session BOD 6/1 (non-OSI attendance TBD, Mr. Souza will help us)

3)Future Face to Face Meetings (Mr. Tiemann)
 a)-OSCON (August, Portland)
 b)-EuroOSCON (October, Amsterdam)
 c)-World Summit on Information Society (November, Tunis)

4)Key Committee Strategy (Ms. Cooper)
 -pursuant to the discussion previous Wednesday and subsequent emails

Ms. Majerus: Needs more feedback on inviting certain companies to her committee. Also ideas about where to look for volunteers (besides License-Discuss and the Media). Mr. Coar asks when will she start? Late May…discussion about OSI’s PR person. Discussion of communications plan for key committees and scale/timeline (Mr. Tiemann notes that we have to find pre and post conditions for each committee)

5)Wrap-Up (5 minutes)

Query from Mr. Radcliffe He is meeting with Chief Strategy Officers of major Japanese company wrt Open Source for "Applications"
wants White Papers (can they have access to pre-press copies of Mike Olsen’s chapter from OpenSources 2.0?)

 Meeting Adjourned 11 am EDT.