OSI Board Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2005

OSI Board Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2005

Wednesday, April 11, 2005


Mr. Michael Tiemann, President
Ms. Danese Cooper, Secretary / Treasurer
Mr. Russ Nelson, Director
Mr. Joi Ito, Director
Mr. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Director
Mr. Mark Radcliffe, General Counsel
Ms. Laura Majerus, Director of Legal Affairs

Quorum Established at 11:00am EDT


Meeting Goal: Consensus on the few committees & strategy for focus areas for the next 6 months.

1)Secretary/Treasurer (Ms. Cooper) presented:
 – financials
 – outstanding paperwork

2)Legal Counsel Report presented by Mr. Radcliffe and Ms. Majerus
 – inventory of open legal issues which are pending decision

2)International Events
 a)- Discussion on a proposed OSI meeting at the FISL conference in Brazil:

  • who is attending and what dates?
  • what activities/speaking engagements are we committed to?

 b)- Australian License discussion by Mr. Tiemann
 c)- European Patents discussion by Mr. Ghosh

3)Proposals for Future Face to Face Meetings of the Board (Mr. Tiemann)
a)- OSCON (August, Portland)
 b)- EuroOSCON (October, Amsterdam)
 c)- World Summit on Information Society (November, Tunis)

4)Key Committee Strategy proposed by Ms. Cooper
 – pursuant to the discussion previous Wednesday and subsequent emails

Meeting adjourned at 12:00pm EDT