How to get involved with OSI

Page created on July 24, 2006 | Last modified on September 7, 2022

OSI supports a number of mailing lists; some are integral to its operation, and some are related to its mission. Most are open for general participation by anyone who’s interested.

There are now open source events all over the world, every day of the week. One way of searching those events is to enter the term “open source” (or “opensource”) into Google’s Calendar program.

We keep a list of events that we expect one or more OSI board members to attend. We invite the public to attend our face-to-face board meetings which are held at various locations around the world. We welcome suggestions for conferences to list that are intended to draw for a more diverse geographic area than a local user group meeting, but we are not in a position to respond to any requests for financial support.

See the links for some of the resources where you can learn more.

We are always happy to have you donate to the OSI.