How to get involved with OSI

OSI supports a number of mailing lists; some are integral to its operation, and some are related to its mission. Most are open for general participation by anyone who's interested.

There are now open source events all over the world, every day of the week. One way of searching those events is to enter the term "open source" (or "opensource") into Google's Calendar program.

We keep a list of events that we expect one or more OSI board members to attend. We invite the public to attend our face-to-face board meetings which are held at various locations around the world. We welcome suggestions for conferences to list that are intended to draw for a more diverse geographic area than a local user group meeting, but we are not in a position to respond to any requests for financial support.

See the links for some of the resources where you can learn more.

We are always happy to have you donate to the OSI.


How about adding a rating system for open source software? there are lots of great open source software nowadays, but some others a little buggy. maybe this mothed could be help to save time to find a certain soft. ------- burt

To be meaningful, a rating system must be objective. Right now the only objective rating that we can maintain is the objective test of whether or not the software is licensed under and OSI-approved license. If others wish to develop some type of rating system (how many developers, how many lines of code, how many bugs per line of code, how many downloads, how many systems in production, whatever), I'd be happy to look into referencing such a system. My experience from looking at SourceForge statistics (and other automated statistics) is that they are of limited value when it comes to rating quality. But we are at the dawn of history, and much is sure to be done in the future.

Yes, it's really a problem to verify whether it is objective. but i think it will be more objective than that for commercial software. :) by the way, i saw you just removed the link to my homepage on my previous comment of this page. [Yes, we did. We try to clean up all gratuitous advertising. --Editor]

Could someone setup an OSI schwag front, perhaps at CafePress? I would buy goods knowing it would be a donation to OSI. Stickers, shirts, hats, etc... /AaronF Sharing is good...

This is a Polish translation of "How to get involved with OSI". Jest to polskie tłymaczenie dokumentu "How to get involved with OSI". Translated by / tłmaczenia wykonał: T4TW tłumaczenia team. OSI wspiera wiele list dyskusyjnych; część z nich jest ściśle powiązana z jego działalnością, zaś inne związane są z jego misją. Uczestnictwo w większości z tych list jest możliwe dla wszystkich, którzy są tym zainteresowani. Praktycznie codziennie na całym świecie odbywają się wydarzenia związane z open source. Jednym ze sposobów na znalezienie tego rodzaju wydarzeń jest wpisanie frazy "open source" (lub "opensource") w programie Calendar wyszukiwarki Google. Prowadzimy też listę wydarzeń, w których najprawdopodobniej weźmie udział jeden lub więcej członków zarządu OSI. Zapraszamy wszystkich do uczestnictwa w naszych spotkaniach z zarządem twarzą w twarz, które odbywają się w różnych miejscach na całym świecie. Chętnie przyjmiemy wszelkie propozycje uzupełnienia naszej listy o konferencje, które zaplanowano dla osób z obszaru bardziej zróżnicowanego geograficznie niż tylko spotkania lokalnych grup. Nie jesteśmy jednak upoważnieni do odpowiadania na jakiekolwiek prośby o wsparcie finansowe. Więcej dowiedzieć można się z materiałów zawartych w linkach. Z wdzięcznością przyjmiemy każde wsparcie finansowe OSI.

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I want to thank for Sebastian Snopek for polish translation I think it's a really great idea to translate the OSI website. I’m from Poland and I can read in English but I know that a lot of my friends can't so now they know what the OSI is and what they do for open source! It's great that someone want to help other people! btw. I will try to help Sebastian with other translations of OSI. My blog: Tom

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Excellent analogy. However, I'm unclear how OSI provides the "occasional smack upside the head" to deliberate abusers of the term. I understand Tiemann's assertion that the market/community will correct itself. I hope this is the case. But I fear the recent "open source" companies that are flush with capital are redefining th term. Tod