Rossella Sblendido

Description of the candidate: 

Rossella is passionate about open source and has been contributing to several projects over the last decade. She was part of the Core Team of OpenStack Neutron, member of the Technical Steering Committee of OPNFV and of the Technical Advisory Board of the Linux Foundation Networking. She works for SUSE, directing an engineering department that develops Uyuni, an open source configuration and infrastructure management tool. She holds a Master degree in Telco Engineering and an MBA.

My focus will be on expanding an healthy and vital community and on increasing the impact of OSI, leveraging synergies with potential partners/allies.

I have in depth experience in open source development and in supporting thriving open source communities. I am an experienced leader with a solid technical background and business acumen. I am a good listener and will consider all possible perspectives when making a decision to get the best possible outcome.

Type of seat: 


Hello, I have a small set of questions ....

(1) About your stance on Individual seats. Do you see an Individual board seat as an obligation to represent the voice and priorities of the voters? Or, if elected, will you represent SUSE's interests?

(2) On the contributions section, can you provide more detail on what you mean? Could you expand on "leveraging synergies"? Similarly, you say you will increase the impact of OSI: how will you do that? And how will you expand an [OSI] community?

Thanks a lot for your questions. (1) Individual seats should represent the voice of the voters and that's what i will do, if I get elected. (2) By leveraging synergies I mean cooperating with other open source communities and companies, who embraced open source, to work together on common goals. To increase the impact of OSI I would define with the rest of the board the top 3 priorities for OSI in the next year, including input from the community (e.g. increase outreach, grow the community, etc.), identify metrics to measure the progress and a plan to execute. To expand the OSI community I would try to increase the visibility of OSI (in events, in the media, in other communities), involve universities and start a mentorship program.

To promote and protect open source software and communities...

For over 20 years the Open Source Initiative (OSI) has worked to raise awareness and adoption of open source software, and build bridges between open source communities of practice. As a global non-profit, the OSI champions software freedom in society through education, collaboration, and infrastructure, stewarding the Open Source Definition (OSD), and preventing abuse of the ideals and ethos inherent to the open source movement.

Open source software is made by many people and distributed under an OSD-compliant license which grants all the rights to use, study, change, and share the software in modified and unmodified form. Software freedom is essential to enabling community development of open source software.