How the election of Individual director works

Page created on January 27, 2022 | Last modified on March 7, 2023


Eligible candidates are all OSI individual members whose full membership was current (started or renewed and paid) no later than one week before the opening of nominations.  Eligible voters are all individual members whose full membership was current at the time voting opens. Refer to the elections page for this year’s timeline.

“Full membership” includes Supporting, Lifetime, and Professional members, but does not include Basic (free) members.


Eligible candidates may self-nominate through the form on the OSI web site, which includes space for a full candidate profile.  Full members may also nominate others as candidates, but should first make sure that the candidate is both eligible and willing to serve. The staff will check eligibility against our database and will provide further instructions to the candidate.

Eligible and approved candidates will have their personal candidate profile page posted on the OSI web site. Members of OSI will be able to ask questions of each candidate before the election concludes. OSI may host additional events or forums where candidates and members may get to know each other.

Voting for Individual Board Members

After nominations close, OSI staff will compile a list of all eligible OSI Individual Full Members.  This list of members will be added to the voting software. Instructions on how to vote will be sent via email to all voting members.

Voting will be open for 10 days, usually including two weekends. Results will be announced within five days of the close of voting.

No confirmed candidates at the moment.