January 2020 License-Discuss Summary

License-Discuss mailing list topics for January 2020:

  • Dual Licensing
  • Copyright on APIs
  • Decision process regarding license review submissions
  • AGPL evaluation and real-world license testing
  • ZFS Kernel Code on Linux

Dual Licensing

Centralizing copyright licensing and not centralizing copyrights themselves 

Single entity open source business model

Copyright on APIs

Doubt on article assumptions due to machine-readable interface description in the source code

Decision process regarding license review submissions

Suggestion to postpone OSI evaluation of new licenses until after some time of practical use

The role of the OSI and defining norms

Writing down all rules would be divisive and further enable bad actors 

Postponing evaluation means ignoring and that the current OSI certification process is fine and shouldn’t be changed because of one license being reviewed. Introduce retiring licenses or have a category of "open source but not recommended."

It is undesirable to have the OSI determine which licenses are better than others

Concern with interim naming of a license while it is in use but before OSI evaluation

AGPL evaluation and real-world license testing

Copyleft-next is engaging in a public drafting process

ZFS Kernel Code on Linux

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