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A one-day workshop covering advanced topics on Open Source licenses of interest to the US federal government as well as emerging issues such as the confluence of AI models, licenses and data.

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OSI to hold in person License Clinic workshop
OSI is pleased to announce our 2023 Open Source Initiative License Clinic, an in-person event…
Recap/Summary of the Digital Market Act workshop in Brussels
This Monday, I was in Brussels to attend a stakeholder workshop for the Digital Market…
Meet the 2023 candidates for OSI’s board
The nominations for the Open Source Initiative board of elections just closed, March 6th. It's time for voters to meet the candidates.
Why Open Source should be exempt from Standard-Essential Patents
With the European Commission soon to offer the Parliament a bill relating to Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs),…

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  • PyCon – April 19-23, 2023

    At PyCon US 2023 happening in Salt Lake City, UT, you will find a program filled with pre-conference tutorials and sponsor presentations, 90+ community talks, keynote speakers, a lively Expo… Read More

Results of 2023 elections are in

Most of OSI’s board of directors are elected by individual members and Affiliate organizations.