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OSI Board Committees

The Board of the Open Source Initiative has constituted a number of committees to perform the work of the organization and advance its agenda. These committees all report to the Board at regularly scheduled Board meetings. The committees are listed in alphabetical order below:

Committee NameCommittee Chairperson (2012-2013)
CommunicationsSimon Phipps
EducationTony Wasserman
Governance and MembershipSimon Phipps, Mike Milinkovich and Tony Wasserman
InfrastructureKarl Fogel
License ReviewLuis Villa

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee translates OSI policy and positions to public statements, and also ensures timely, professional responses to all who communicate with the OSI. The chair is Simon Phipps and the committee uses a mailing list to conduct its work. Volunteers are welcome and should contact the committee chair.

Education Committee

The Education Committee focuses on the use and teaching of open source software in the educational context, from earliest childhood instruction up through graduate and post-graduate levels. The Education Committee is responsible for developing, arranging, and conducting educational conferences, programs, courses of instruction, and online educational seminars covering open source software, licensing, and communities.

Governance and Membership Committee

The Governance and Membership Committee has been charged by the board to develop and recommend a governance model that will increase the OSI's operational capacity, increase its authority within the open source community, and become an organization run by and for the people and organizations it represents.

Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee is responsible for overseeing the management of the hardware, system software and operational infrastructure of the OSI. The committee ensures the systems are in good working order and that the needs of the OSI are being fulfilled. The chair is Karl Fogel.

License Review Committee

The License Review Committee presides over the license approval process, solicits community input, develops community consensus, and reports the progress of these discussions and recommendations to the Board. The committee also concerns itself with the topic of open source license proliferation. The chair is Luis Villa. Subscribers to license-review at as well as Russell Nelson are members of the committee.